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The Artworks of media Acrylic and containing the word leonard shane, acrylic, abstract

Leonard Shane - ReflectionsReflectionsLeonard Shane

This was an amazing piece to create as I simply let each stroke dictate the next. I literally allowed myself to be guided by whatever color and stroke deemed appropriate as the painting emerged. Gradually I realized I was working with colors being reflected back to me so I just had fun playing wit...

Leonard Shane - Pussy CatPussy CatLeonard Shane

This was just a fun and playful use of colors to capture everyone's adorable little pussy cat in a semi-abstract form. It's actually quite a delightful little piece and seems to catch people's eye and amuse them as was my intention here.

Leonard Shane - The Beauty of WinterThe Beauty of WinterLeonard Shane

This painting was intended to be lively and capture the dynamic color that late Fall and Winter possess. I loved creating this image as it allowed me to paint it with the passion I feel when in the presence of the bold colors of this season, just as we transition seasons. The abstract medium is on...

Leonard Shane - Red VaseRed VaseLeonard Shane

This painting was simply great fun to create as I got to work with the most vibrant of colors and exaggerated floral shapes to create a real eye catching piece. It literally fills a room and just draws your total attention to it. Sometimes a piece like this calls out to be created where the artist...