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The Artworks of media Water Color and containing the word jacques fontan, water color, impressionism, landscapes

Jacques Fontan - chateau carignan -   up in  next  out the  way chateau carignan - up in next out the way Jacques Fontan

the castle carignan , near the Bordeaux , the views a revery varied ? panoramic on the vineyard with funds rolling , pretty paths land with holes them on vines , the realm , beautiful castle in its nest haze , and still more handsome in autumn where the reds and golds themselves deliver action ; ; p...

Jacques Fontan - tree on decorated tree on decorated Jacques Fontan

A tree adorned with plants climbing the red leaves , beneath which , l'automne quebec affable the first ones golds . ; J'ai had already several watercolors with the same theme . ' Trees in autumn ' ; Fabiano paper 31 x 45

Jacques Fontan - At Périgny - peace and happinessAt Périgny - peace and happinessJacques Fontan

Walking in the park of this town , monthly from nov . Sunny , on calm , the colours d'automne , and the antics of canrds swans on the small river expressed peace and happiness , d'où the title of this watercolor . . . performed workshop !

Jacques Fontan - the bridge d-Orthezthe bridge d'OrthezJacques Fontan

This artwork has been performed workshop d'après paper pictured . Visited a few days before , that gorgeous special bridge m'a makes you want d'en making a painting has l'huile d'abord and watercolor then . You have then the result watercolor .

Denis Armand - Aix in provenceAix in provenceDenis Armand

A town additional at découvrirpour me there there at full of things to see !