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The Artworks of media Wasserfarbe and containing the word rosy, line, wasserfarbe, nachziehend, zu

Rosy- Line - Zozie the blondeZozie the blondeRosy- Line

Zozie the blonde , ; the zi lovely ; pleases him ! ; Steady erect ; the rev Flon tuned ; Boom ! Boom ! ; His heart that hammer ; Zozotte , ; his stalk zip at the zenith on the little knot d’un gate -jarretelle . ; Boom ! Boom ! ; By est-il hammer from zozie the blonde ; When into his white dress ; S...

Rosy- Line - miss tchat tcha tcha Oye ! Oye !miss tchat tcha tcha Oye ! Oye !Rosy- Line

miss tcha tcha tcha Oye ! Oye ! ; ( premiere watercolor d'un diptych )

Rosy- Line - A wonderful yearA wonderful yearRosy- Line

'I wish a wonderful 2013 to all team ArtsCad, my best wishes are with you.'
'The sky party
Sings in flower
Stars that pick. '
Rosyline December 30, 2012

Rosy- Line - Christmas treeChristmas treeRosy- Line

This Fall is apple to eat! (4)
the party starts
'Up so high ...'
And the smile of his three apples!
In its branches in fans,
The memory of its heyday
Her bouquet, leaves, sun
Autumn Tree of Christmas

Rosy- Line - Cheekbones fruityCheekbones fruityRosy- Line

This Fall is apple to eat! (7)
At the foot of the top if that ...
Two apples a tasty red,
a bound of a caper,
roll into a ball
a sip of dew.
The grass hidden up his cheekbones fruity.
(This poem is dedicated to my dad artist of nature, flowers in her hands...

Rosy- Line - Mireille beeMireille beeRosy- Line

This Fall is apple to eat! (1)
Under the ears of the sun,
Hidden in the beautiful apple
'Up so high that three apples'
Nestling in the heart of the flower,
Mireille bee, perfumed nose, playful smiles.
She knits and silky skein love in her basket.
Make beaded life s...

Rosy- Line - Furious the furious sees  red Furious the furious sees red Rosy- Line

Furious the furious sees ruddy ! ; Of upper of its lap wrathful ; and arms crosswords ; her stare furious and the behind mi-rond . Lorsqu’à his mouth well sharpened , ; the rev Flon fate l’affront ; d’un bang d’oeil amused , themselves rub the hands . D’un gaze , shot he will ! Voiceless , he will f...

Rosy- Line - Soft cushionSoft cushionRosy- Line

An electrical quote
The menu
Very menu
Weed in spring madness!
A pen of his fingers,
offers himself under his glasses,
Its small rosebuds.
In her little mouth open!
Blunt, foamed and bare
She straightens his suspenders
Frieze quarrel
Recovery id...

Rosy- Line - SheetSheetRosy- Line

When she breathes the breath of the wind
And wings of a season
The outweigh the distant horizon
Her as a maid
Any coquette
Reddened the sky to fall in love
Butterfly day
It surprises bold
This king blue heart
To become his queen
And in a f...