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The Artworks of topic 仮想的 and containing the word rosy, line, ペーパに絵画, 気まぐれ, 仮想的

Rosy- Line - HirondellaHirondellaRosy- Line

second illustration of the story 'The kingdom of Dentartenciels'
I invite you to read the story on my blog:

Rosy- Line - HackHackRosy- Line

On the ice Bidouille a beautiful baby weasel all white, learn to draw 'b' with balloons.

Rosy- Line - Den sisters DentartencielsDen sisters DentartencielsRosy- Line

Fairy Matiti lay in the snow near an old tree trunk.

Rosy- Line - Abigail BeeAbigail BeeRosy- Line

Rhyme for children with the letter A

Rosy- Line - Hirondella console MarieHirondella console MarieRosy- Line

page 2 (The Kingdom of Dentartenciels)
But one day, Hirondella found Mary crying.
'Why are you crying?' Request Hirondella.
'I hung my dress in a rose thorn and she is torn.' Marie responds.
Hirondella reassures.
'Do not cry Marie.Je ll tell you a Legend. Legend of the Kingd...

Rosy- Line - Fairy Matiti and small icy white cottonsFairy Matiti and small icy white cottonsRosy- Line

The little fairy dressed like all the fairies, felt his feet, legs, hands and arms go numb.
Matiti shivering with cold and could no longer move.

Rosy- Line - Fairy MatitiFairy MatitiRosy- Line

There is very long, a very rough winter day, a fairy who came from afar: the afriquain continent, was Lost in the big woods 'backwater'.
It was snowing, the fairy who had never seen snow was amazed by all those little white cotton falling from the sky.
Joyeuse, she began to dance, to run u...

Rosy- Line - The Seven Sisters DentartencielsThe Seven Sisters DentartencielsRosy- Line

The old tree trunk housed spiders. There were seven araignées.Elles wore each color of the rainbow sky. Cerise was as red as cherries, Mimosa was yellow like the sun, Apple was green as leaves, Capucine was the color of pumpkin, Chives was indigo, Hydrangea blue as the sky and violette.On called sis...