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The Artworks of topic Astratto and containing the word chadia labidi, astrattezza, astratto

Mylene Jarnaud - land scape swirling land scape swirling Mylene Jarnaud

This landscape in shape whirlwind , on a mountain to you there sees dice l'eau , of mountains the loing and a beautiful sky spiral . The technical pointillism make of bold features gives loing another view d'ensemble .

Christian Bonnefoy - Aborigines womenAborigines womenChristian Bonnefoy

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Yves De Closets - out the To post out the To post Yves De Closets

mix of modern techniques : pictured , drawing , painting with computor . ; allows to l'artiste of achieving lithographs , posters , watercolours , knife , beginning in pictures original or custom on canvas or paper .

Richard T Pranke - Charlevoix Valley Large original oil paintingCharlevoix Valley Large original oil paintingRichard T Pranke

Size: 30 X 30 X 1.5 '
Oil on canvas, uv protection
Sides painted in black
Ready to hang.
Frame not included
Certificate of Authenticity Included with all works.
Possible to deliver in any country
Thank you so much for your interest support.
Richard T Pranke