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The Artworks of topic Whimsy and containing the word mairim perez, canvas acrylic, contempory, whimsy

Mairim Perez - Sun and MoonSun and MoonMairim Perez

Técnica: Acrílico sobre tela ;Tamaño: 75 cm x 55 cm ;Año: 2021 ;Comentario: Es la unión de los contrarios. El sol cálido representado por el hombre con su fuerza, con los tonos amarillos, rojos y naranjas. Ella la luna romántica con los azules y verdes de la noche. Ambos decidieron unirse para dar u...

Mairim Perez - Watching them flyWatching them flyMairim Perez

Technique : Acrylic on canvas ; Size : 55 cm x 75 cm ; Year : 2020 ; Commentary : There is a nice union between the two birds and the girl . She likes the freedom of them , their colors , their desire to fly and birds are attracted to flowers , petals and leaves that are on his hat and scarf . She v...

Mairim Perez - They tell you the starsThey tell you the starsMairim Perez

Technique : Acrilico sobre web ; Size : 76 x 56 cm ; Year : 2019 ; Comment : Splendid young in dialogue with the nature and the constellations astral and equestrian . See the beauty of background . Everything is movement , space and nature . The young , figure main of the play , it is the queen of a...

Aldo Carhuancho Herrera - unicornunicornAldo Carhuancho Herrera

craft childish , the unicorn rescues to characters in their loin

Mairim Perez - The FisherwomanThe FisherwomanMairim Perez

Technique : Acrilico sobre web ; Size : 76 x 56 ; Year : 2019 ; Comment : Painting represent one beautiful girl who loves the world of sea , fish and the snails . She is surmounted by a sea shell , which has the sea pearl giving it charm and beauty . Her stare and it gesture of the face reflect that...