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The Artworks of topic Townscape and containing the word jacques fontan, watercolour, impressionismo, townscape

Jacques Fontan - Has St-EmilionHas St-EmilionJacques Fontan

A district of old houses up the st emilion . ; C'est l'automne , a route FLEURIE overlooks an old neighborhood St-Emilion , c'est l'automne , c'est a knock of heart who deserves two or three pictures and this watercolor more late . On montval 300g

Jacques Fontan - Park d-ArtiguesPark d'ArtiguesJacques Fontan

NOV . 2007 , 9h from morning , remains resourceful , hoar frost , colours d'automne reflections on l'étang and from leafless birches . ; Within that park , j'ai took many of photos at that moment . Chauqe bang d'oeil was worth the piece of film . J'ai so what furnish my painting recreation . ; Oil k...

Jacques Fontan - The FountainThe FountainJacques Fontan

The st prince arthur in montreal , a fountain . ; In sketch and watercolor hasty . on paper canson 90g

Jacques Fontan - side street on Prince  Arthur at  The Montreal side street on Prince Arthur at The Montreal Jacques Fontan

A of my favorite places for color . Right next square st louis . ; Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - The montreal given the Mont-RoyalThe montreal given the Mont-RoyalJacques Fontan

On october 2006 , one morning , the beginnings dice l'automne . Of upper owing Mont-Royal this ' gaze ' on montreal m'a liked a lot . J'ai sought l'endroit suitable , j'ai fired pictures and behold the profit made Bordeaux beginning in these pictures . Oil knife .

Jacques Fontan - Salies béarnSalies béarnJacques Fontan

Watercolor done out from d'une painted oil on site .