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The Artworks of topic Surrealism Art and containing the word mariotti giuseppe, oilpainting, figuration, surrealism art

Francesco M O Aramu Pittore - InterviewInterviewFrancesco M O Aramu Pittore

The Master Aramu traveled her 'Raqama' with the courage and the will that characterized him, in fact, between 1992 and 1993 he was diagnosed with a degenerative maculopathy
'Despite' (as he liked to repeat), could carry out his plan of Raqama who is also a book with beautiful p...

Patrizia Zancan - IsletIsletPatrizia Zancan

Exact representation of a dream of color added to a really experienced.
It a painting very hot, the colors are a blinding intensity, so much so that I felt the need to refresh to add a lady of ice

Patrizia Zancan - DeathDeathPatrizia Zancan

Third and last painting of the time series 'Tarot', which are perhaps the most loyal as I painted when I lived in another city and she brought forth from my imagination on this canvas, unknowingly took the form of a person dear to me and at that moment away. My death is beautiful, red and hot like f...

Patrizia Zancan - Woman with childWoman with childPatrizia Zancan

This large painting I was asked by a person who had the need to fill a gap left by another woman with the baby on the bed that just did not like. The person in question wanted a very classic, but in reality, it is not much in my strings follow a path already marked ... I have heard and done well.