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The Artworks of topic Landscapes and containing the word alain faure, painting on canvas, figurative contemporary, landscapes


ROUSSILLON ; acralic on canvas : 100 x 73 ; Behold a small common vaucluse surprises and who becomes unavoidable for all the lovers from there area . For those which no the familiar not yet , i can assure you qu'elle go you in show both its colorful . . . yellow , orange , ruddy , purple , are the p...

Alain Faure - summer season indian summer season indian Alain Faure

L'ETE INDIAN ; Acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; French speakers of canada l'appellent l'été indians , « a seasonal which n'existe than in the north dice l'Amérique » like the sang joe dassin . Here , the great spaces have kept their purity and wherein qu'ils are , the noble lakes reflect by pride and a...

Alain Faure - waterfalls perennials waterfalls perennials Alain Faure

CASCADES VIVACES ; Acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; Off after the river after a on long and sometimes mysterious course , outputs of shadows they themselves présentent of upper from these cliffs like a offering . Describing vaults airline within that framework tranquility guaranteeing , they tumble on ...

Alain Faure - VEZELAYVEZELAYAlain Faure

VEZELAY ; acrylic paint on Cavnas : 80 x 60 cm ; Point of departure from pilgrimage from st Jacob de compostela , the site and there vézelay basilica have since 1979 registered heritage global dice l’UNESCO . C’est a location historical and mecca of spirituality that inspires for centuries , builder...

Alain Faure - emotion holy  win emotion holy win Alain Faure

HOLY EMOTION WIN ; acralic on canvas : 70 x 50 ; Matter what the coast by which you l’aborde , she always amazes by his structured and his colours . Beautiful lady in the heart from there Provence , her s’étend on 18 km long and 5 wide and his many landscapes enchant hikers . Devastated by a giganti...