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The Artworks of topic Land Scape and containing the word jacques fontan, watercolor, impressionism, land scape

Jacques Fontan - glycine in barsacglycine in barsacJacques Fontan

At Barsac , of glycine , rose and lilac in bloom , these wells and small garden were all a pretty subject watercolor . ; I come of the realize .

Jacques Fontan - Ruins in the DordogneRuins in the DordogneJacques Fontan

This recent work is 'pulled' my pictures taken there three months on site.
This happens in Dordogne .... nearby ruins of a castle renowned.
Will they be restored or they will remain in the I m loved and state. A shot sunny heart.

Jacques Fontan - La Roque GageacLa Roque GageacJacques Fontan

Gardens of Marqueyssac neighboring village, 139m above the Dordogne, La Roque Gageac I see this view and motivates me to do a new painting.
This tabkleau 15 F, oil knife is displayed in my living room.
Every day I relive my last holiday in the Dordogne.

Jacques Fontan - Gorged tarnGorged tarnJacques Fontan

After the have painted at l'aquarelle , fashion book of travel et size largest in , j'ai had want to painting them at l'huile and at knife .

Jacques Fontan - Undergrowth flowery Undergrowth flowery Jacques Fontan

D'après a photo taken Mont-Royal ( The montreal ) on october 2006 . ; Interpretation and improvisation on fabiano 30 , 5 x 45 , 5 . ; Realization may 2007

Jacques Fontan - Autumn Park d-ArtiguesAutumn Park d'ArtiguesJacques Fontan

C'est an oil knife performed 2011 . . . . d'après one from my pictures personal hold on square , walking , one morning verses 10H from nov . 2011 . ; J'ai d'ailleurs made several watercolors and oils this Park d'Artigues .

Jacques Fontan - The Church romance The Church romance Jacques Fontan

Made during d'un contest of painter on the street , this last W . E d'avril 07 , this oil knife represents l'église romanesque of the xii century Carignan , in gironde . ; Framed magnolia and d'un chestnut on her left , d'un big tree squatted by the ivy and of glycine it right and in hidden part by ...