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The Artworks of topic Esoteric and containing the word pellegrino, leda, painting on canvas, image, esoteric

Mirta Cidra Pizarro - to a where to a where Mirta Cidra Pizarro

Picture emerged meditative technique . where to mestra going on a aware road leaving universal stelae . . . that turn they are framed as he Background General .

Mirta Cidra Pizarro - all at movement all at movement Mirta Cidra Pizarro

Picture emerged meditative technique . The image it represents a of the laws Hermetic ; ' everything is in motion ' the universe Hatched in moviminto Generate more movement into the Him , where those Cores and the masses he Move it at universal rhythm .

Mirta Cidra Pizarro - CUATERNIDADCUATERNIDADMirta Cidra Pizarro

Picture emerged meditative detecnicas . He related with philosophy and quantum aesthetics . ; It represents worlds lattices interrelated , in where the law Well as Arriba-Abajo is present . Everything is Energy and vibration . These carried with lapicas coloured and graphite on paper .

Mirta Cidra Pizarro - mill out of  energy mill out of energy Mirta Cidra Pizarro

picture emerged of techniques Meditative . Inscripta into the the quantum aesthetics . the mill of energy , Tour , Walk , Generate , immersed on a Universe Framework . Is present in all from the Mike it at macrocosm . These carried with pencils colour and graphite .

Orna Ben-Shoshan - Mundane LifeMundane LifeOrna Ben-Shoshan

How do we look from the outside? ;Our physical plane, where we do our earthly work, is just a drop in the endless ocean of existence. ;We live in the realm of the small details. We are here for a short visit only, and when this cycle ends, we shall return to the large picture.;Oil on canvas 90x100 ...