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The Artworks of topic Decorative and containing the word micheline cette, silk, own, decorative

Micheline Cette - dressdressMicheline Cette

Silk painting and making d'une dress of style moroccan .

Micheline Cette - scarfscarfMicheline Cette

Silk painting representative boomerangs .

Nat s Créations - banner from a huntingbanner from a huntingNat s Créations

This pavilion of hunting is inspired d'un true flag as j'ai view in a magazine decorative . ; This showcase asked more to 250 hours job . ; The floor is done rod by woods cut and placed one by one chevron . ; The fireplace has been cut in a block plaster , and painted stone colors . ; Trophy fighter...

Nat s Créations - THE CELLARTHE CELLARNat s Créations

More to 80 bottles are tidy them in lockers . Each bottle to its tag . ; A small table with a break crust . ; An old barrel recovers into a flea market . . . ; Each bottle has been molded plaster . The barrel has been carved into the mass . ; This showcase exceeded the 200 hours job . . .

France Mannaioni - Table Transparency Table Transparency France Mannaioni

j’ai wanted to exploit the transparent and la' brightness scalable of the sun ‘ by using as support radiographs that i important for packaging more or less the light and which i add according l'inspiration , vegetals or dried seaweed ; that then gives of tables sculpture on plinth or l'on can define...