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The Artworks of topic Cultivation and containing the word evangile papavassiliou, acralic on canvas, contempory, cultivation

Soumaya El Ouggouti - View on the soukView on the soukSoumaya El Ouggouti

Achieved d'après pictured black and white taken in an ancient historical book

Soumaya El Ouggouti - D-après - Patio Moroccan - by mariano bertuchi nietoD'après " Patio Moroccan " by mariano bertuchi nietoSoumaya El Ouggouti

Achieved d'après a work by mariano bertucci . ' Patio Moroccan ' . The copy is changed compared to l'original .

Soumaya El Ouggouti - Souk d-après a web by mariano bertucci orientalist SpanishSouk d'après a web by mariano bertucci orientalist SpanishSoumaya El Ouggouti

Carried d'après a web by mariano bertucci Orientalist Spanish , founder dice l'école of fine arts from tétouan . This n'ést not one copied in the true sense of run . J'ai edited by compared to l'original : adds and removed characters , j'ai modified colours . The houses it back plan were also change...

Jonathan Pradillon - Hated 2Hated 2Jonathan Pradillon

Title of l’œuvre : Hated 2 . ; Painting done on order . ; Nature the command : Realization d’un Hated in the same style than the painitng “ Haï” among the creations dice l’artiste . ; work created has the painting acrylic ( Studio to , pébéo / AMSTERDAM / Liquitex ) and paste acrylic effect satin on...