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The Artworks of topic Abstract and containing the word sandro bisonni, oil above canvass of `canapa`, contempory abstract, abstract

Sandro Bisonni - Hotel Belgique Rain RiccioneHotel Belgique Rain RiccioneSandro Bisonni

This Artwork Has Been Exposed in:
2008 2009 - 'WITHIN THE ODYSSEY'
Fine Art by Artists Living in Italy and Greece,
Agora Gallery, NEW YORK.

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - Nude with Birds, 2012Nude with Birds, 2012Anna Zygmunt Pietrek

That beautiful painting depicts a nude of woman in an attitude shy positioned in one surreal landscape of fantasy and beautiful birds from sourrounded That flutter around. the dominant colors are rose, red, violet and black. The artwork is Realized on high quality linen canvas with oil colors and sp...

Anna Zygmunt Pietrek - I cringed, Year 2012I cringed, Year 2012Anna Zygmunt Pietrek

semi-abstract painting with red gradient to the woman pictured in the background

Sandro Bisonni - Bologna StazioneBologna StazioneSandro Bisonni

''SANDRO BISONNI of Appignano (MC), Italy has qualities of Edvard Munch in terms of the stretched elongation of imagery, however in the oil painting “Bologna Stazione” the freshly spontaneous brushwork is more active perhaps due to the subject matter.'';Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art at the Uni...

Sandro Bisonni - Close to Me Close to Me Sandro Bisonni

This artwork has been exhibited in;2012 - 151 MACERATA - MILANO,;Collettiva d'Arte Contemporanea, Bonomi Bistrot, MILANO.

Sandro Bisonni - MoonMoonSandro Bisonni

This Artwork has been exhibited in;2012 - 'MICRO macro INSIDE/Outside',;Galleria Galeotti,Fondazione Carima, MACERATA.;and;2012 - 'MICRO macro INSIDE/Outside',;Istituto Italiano della Cultura di BERLINO.