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The Artworks of topic Women and containing the word inday cadapan, wood, expressionism, women

Inday Cadapan - Giving birthGiving birthInday Cadapan

molave wood made out of antique pig's dish. Carved into a woman giving birth.

Inday Cadapan - Voter NO.2Voter NO.2Inday Cadapan

There are 2 types of exploited Filipino voters, the hungry and the mindless. This is the voter that does not think whom to vote, one who disregards the future of the country in choosing the leader that will deliver our nation from poverty and disgrace.

Inday Cadapan - Woman!Woman!Inday Cadapan

In looking at object and human models, Inday instinctively and mentally fragmentizes their form, picking out appealing shapes and then assembles them upon a flat pictorial space, into new and intimate conglomerations of colored areas bounded by lines that move with spontaneous grace.

Inday Cadapan - Agony 10-31-85Agony 10-31-85Inday Cadapan

When Inday started painting at 41 yrs. old, she started forming figures out of batibot(theatrical metal chair used at the turn of the century). Like theatrical chairs there is drama in the juxtaposition on her canvas. Later on she had to stop painting in oil because of her liver problem. She did ...

Inday Cadapan - Woman -92Woman '92Inday Cadapan

when inday cant paint in oil when she discovered that it will be bad for her liver, she started to explore painting in water color. since then she never stopped expressing her innermost feelings to release her anxieties in a joyful manner.

Inday Cadapan - 8-days a Week8-days a WeekInday Cadapan

Inday paints women as her main subject. She was always sickly since she was 9 and work had been a good therapy to forget her ailment. She did not waste away by wallowing on her pains but paint to live a productive life.

Inday Cadapan - KissersKissersInday Cadapan

Inday Cadapan 1939-2003 her sense of colo will strike you instantly. Onece past the colors one is confronted with unique interretaions of forms in nature and of everyday life. The coming together of these forms and colors makes ofr stunning results.

Inday Cadapan - Batibot 11-23-85Batibot 11-23-85Inday Cadapan

A batibot is Inday's early subject it is a popular chair used in outdoor theaters at the turn of the century. Inday played with its for into many juxtapositions.