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The Artworks of topic Still Life and containing the word shandor alexander, cardboard, impressionionism, still life

Shandor Alexander - Colors of autumnColors of autumnShandor Alexander

Colors of autumn ; Year 2016 ; Technique : oil on canvas ; Dimensions : 70x75 ; The picture is painted a beautiful and sunny autumn day . Each still life , I personally draw from nature only and oil paints on canvas . I am sending a picture of a well-packed in a cardboard box with plastic foam . Res...

Shandor Alexander - Irises and fruits _ oil on cardboardIrises and fruits _ oil on cardboardShandor Alexander

unfortunately i do not know how to write in english . Unable to describe my every work . ; If something interests you , then ask through the team of professional site curators . I will try to answer all personal questions using an online translator . ; alexander shandor is an ukrainian artist , who ...

Shandor Alexander - The bottle and rosesThe bottle and rosesShandor Alexander

The bottle and roses ; Year 2016 ; Technique : oil on canvas ; Dimensions : 80x80 ; The picture is painted on canvas with oil paints . Fresh and fragrant roses , bottle and fruit on a round coffee table . I draw only from nature , I never paint from photographs . ; I am sending a picture of a well-p...

Suzie Berthelot - Tea d-ailleursTea d'ailleursSuzie Berthelot

scene of life d'ailleurs made the painting at l'huile on cardboard canvas

Shandor Alexander - Sunflower with decorative melonSunflower with decorative melonShandor Alexander

Sunflower with decorative melon ; Year 2015 ; Technique : oil on canvas ; Dimensions : 60х65