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The Artworks of topic Spiritual and containing the word nathan brusovani, bar, semi figurative, spiritual

Nathan Brusovani (Bar) - Unusual moment: combination of human body and textured glassUnusual moment: combination of human body and textured glassNathan Brusovani (Bar)

A human body balances a piece of textured glass on his back, while the glass is just about to drop and smash into fragments.

Alvaro Arrosamena - DropsDropsAlvaro Arrosamena

this is only a detail view of the painting 'Drops'

Creative Wood Designs By S P - Unique Wood Floor Coat RackUnique Wood Floor Coat RackCreative Wood Designs By S P

This piece is very unique in its own natural way. The main piece is a single branch with its limbs still atached naturally. Notice the figure at top, this was only discovered after the photos were taken at different angles. It is a totally original natural piece of work.

Carlos Albarran - Transcending TimeTranscending TimeCarlos Albarran

Transcending time
Do not talk - Think
Do not doubt - Search
Not thou mayest bear - Sit
Do not condemn - Judge
Not estagnes - He attempts
Do not lose heart - Strive
Not furtes - Calls
Do not think - Listen
Look no - you know
Do not feel - Assesses

P A Leiter - Got ya- JesusGot ya' JesusP A Leiter

would be great for t-shirts.