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The Artworks of topic Spiritual and containing the word michael l. selley, sculpture, wall sculpture, spiritual

Michael L. Selley - Painted SkullPainted SkullMichael L. Selley

This piece is inspired by an Aztec symbol in the 'Codex Barbonicus'. It is hand-carved then cast in hydrastone. Limited edition of 200, signed and dated.

Jose Manuel Solares - Mosaic sphinx.Mosaic sphinx.Jose Manuel Solares

Detail of a large Islamic mosaic on the facade of a mosque in Iran.
The original facade with a bow on each side a sphinx as a gatekeepers.
In the Sphinx can be seen that the animal body is revealed (the tail of a serpent-headed dragon), not to be subjected, dominated by the human head is t...

Pegi E. Smith - Native American DreamsNative American DreamsPegi E. Smith

When creating a Spirit Mask, I feel a surge of energy running through me. Unlike my other creations which I believe to be an extension of my own emotions, the Spirit Masks seem to evoke spirits from ancient worlds.They come in waves, they come in dreams...

Cdom Sculpture - The SageThe SageCdom Sculpture

Single piece of metal certified, signed and numbered
'Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part without the consent of the artist is prohibited'