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The Artworks of topic Landscape and containing the word james stow, print, impressionism, landscape

James Stow - Raoul Dufy -The Village- Limited Edition LithographRaoul Dufy "The Village" Limited Edition LithographJames Stow

Great Impressionist work by the French Artist-Raoul Dufy 1 This is a great image , printed from the stone after the watercolor by the Master Printers of Mourlot , Paris in a Limited edition of very on soft wove arches paper. The works measures measures 6.50 by 8.75 inches plus margins. This impressi...

James Stow - James Whistler  -The Tiny Pool-James Whistler "The Tiny Pool"James Stow

This Etching & Drypoint etched 1879 . Recorded in the Catalogue (kennedy) K17 on wove paper with the faint BUTTERFLY mongram in the image. This little Treasure measurs 3 7/8 x 2 5/8in with nice margins.

James Stow - P.  Bonnard -Maison dans la Colur- Limited edition Lithograph P. Bonnard "Maison dans la Colur" Limited edition Lithograph James Stow

What a Lovely Subject. ' Maison dans la Colur'.Original Lithograph as published by the stones used by Mourlot of Paris , in a limited edition , 1950's, Paris in a limited edition. Verso has light text as published on a sheet size 9.25 by 12.25 inches .Over all in Good condition.

James Stow - Charles Daubigny -Wagoneers- Original EtchingCharles Daubigny "Wagoneers" Original EtchingJames Stow

Wagoneers '.Original Etching on wove paper by this French Barbizon School artist. Great etched scene of the artist Landscapes of Genre. The plate signed work measures 4.50 by 7 inches. These works are listed , on the net at $450.00 to $500.00 range . Over all in Good condition.This has the blindsta...

James Stow - G.B. Jongkind  -Moulins Holland- Original EtchingG.B. Jongkind "Moulins Holland" Original EtchingJames Stow

Out standing Original Lithograph by J. B. Jomnkind , the Impressionist Dutch painter, etcher. He was also among one the early Teachers to Claude Monet. Original Plate signed etching by J.B. Jongkind. This is on Laid paper and in good condition. The Sheet measures 5.50 by 7.50 inches .This is in good...

Derek Mccrea - Field of white flowers newField of white flowers newDerek Mccrea

Modern fine art poster print by artist Derek McCrea

James Stow - James Whistler -The Punt-  Etching-Gravure  SignedJames Whistler "The Punt" Etching-Gravure SignedJames Stow

' The Punt ' American master painter James McNeil Whistler, etcher, painter, watercolorist and Famous etcher-lithographer of the Print Revival of the early 19th century . The image signed work measures 6.25 by 8.25 inches approximate . This seens to be from a edition of the edition of Modern Poets ,...

Derek Mccrea - Painted DesertPainted DesertDerek Mccrea

Limited edition signed and numbered fine art modern abstract surreal landscape watercolor painting poster print, comes with a certificate of authenticity very collectibe low print fine art.