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The Artworks of topic Illustration and containing the word rosy, line, pencils of color, illustration

Rosy- Line - I love you a hint! (3)I love you a hint! (3)Rosy- Line

I love you a hint
My thumbs in bloom
For your heart strokes!

Rosy- Line - The cart kissesThe cart kissesRosy- Line

Attentiveness ! Born leash no s'échapper . . . . ; Drawn with all l'amour of his heart , it no can bring that happiness . . . . .

Rosy- Line - If so slightly (2)If so slightly (2)Rosy- Line

If so slightly!
Tu us
Tied to your fans I love you
At Ivy thy vows
The burning desire to fly away!

Rosy- Line - At the heart of my roseAt the heart of my roseRosy- Line

At the heart of my rose,
the best of ourselves,
the fruit of our love.

Rosy- Line - Hear my silence! (4)Hear my silence! (4)Rosy- Line

Hear my silence!
My Sun 'I love you if your so'
Sky I am the gentle reverence of your daisies
I scented tilts me your hands
From ... tell me so childish!

Rosy- Line - Plucked!Plucked!Rosy- Line

A single feather and you miss you feel like ... All plucked!
He went with his parchment and briefcase full of sweet words she had not even had time to hear. 'Come back my love!'
He turned a deaf ear and went by train. She ran to join
he made him a small place and he reads his poems. S...

Rosy- Line - Seven little hearts light paper (5)Seven little hearts light paper (5)Rosy- Line

He has the soul of a noble and romance at your fingertips.
His blue breath on my bank,
kiss my roses on the horizon.
Seven little hearts
in lightweight paper,
caress my life
tinted red throat,
red currant summer.
he holds in his hand

Rosy- Line - hand a there handhand a there handRosy- Line

Hand in handmade for a big love as an heart . . . . .