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The Artworks of topic Figurative and containing the word sudeep art, painting on paper, figurative contemporary, figurative

Younglee Oh - L`écran ruddyL`écran ruddyYounglee Oh

job imaginary out the on Long from there color

Alain Faure - POST L-ORAGEPOST L'ORAGEAlain Faure

POST L’ORAGE ; Watercolor : 30 x 24 ; The rain comes d’arrêter his assaults time when we are always to l’abri in this car we had parked at nearby of our cannes fishing . We decide at out for recover our lines . The silence is deep and only the noise of our boots rubber denotes within that framework ...

Alain Faure - setting of  LOVES setting of LOVES Alain Faure

SETTING LOVES ; Watercolor : 50 x 35 ; He is evenings like celui-là or falling heat born resisted not good long time to last assaults d'un disappearing sun . C'est a feeling selfish than to tread l'herbe high from there meadowland . A few no , a few seconds and we can finally breathe the cool twilig...

Alain Faure - TRAIL shoreline TRAIL shoreline Alain Faure

TRAIL SHORELINE ; Watercolor : 50 x 35 ; Also called coastal footpath , c'est a passage steep that is the best way to discover yonder presqu'île giens . Between beaches and cliffs , pine and oaks , with this blue water marine in below , we are the rendez-vous from all the sens… Or almost !

Alain Faure - L-ALLEE ROSYL'ALLEE ROSYAlain Faure

L’ DRIVEWAY ROSY ; Watercolor : 30 x 24 ; Shared between two ponds , c’est driveway as j’empruntais regularly to me to walk where do a little race on foot in morning the premieres hours day . I believe as j’aimais this place for its light much more than for his vegetation . The two were yet insepara...