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The Artworks of topic Emotional and containing the word khalil dadah, painting on paper, expressive, emotional

Julianne Richards - the Red Hiding Boxthe Red Hiding BoxJulianne Richards

Acrylic on rough, 140lb cold-pressed paper. 11'x 15' Finished with a UV protective gloss varnish. COA from Ebsq. The colors are stark and and title is from a childhood memory.;Years later, from that memory is a representation in visual form.

Julianne Richards - -The Tree House- "The Tree House' Julianne Richards

When I was in second grade,;we managed to build an elevated 'tree house'-which became, for the local girls in our mostly boy dominated neighborhood, a sanctuary of magical proportions. We could see all three streets and where they came together-from our secret meeting place, and it served us well. U...

Sipo Liimatainen - Inviting smoothnessInviting smoothnessSipo Liimatainen

This sensual, romantic and soft artwork belongs to my 'Listen with your eyes' series which I have designed for home and office interiors. (fractal, abstract, modern, decorative, interior design, contemporary, expressive, expressionism, abstract expressionism, expression, painterly, inspirational, tr...

Karen Zima-s Art - FINALEFINALEKaren Zima's Art

This is an original handpainted, handsigned acylic painting on canvas. The painting captures a mood from a moment in time. It is many layers of acylic paint layered over one another to get the depth of the painting.

Adina Lupan - Sew my skiesSew my skiesAdina Lupan

original painting, signed;free shipping;30 days money-back guarantee

Adina Lupan - DualityDualityAdina Lupan

original painting, signed;free shipping;30 days money-back guarantee