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The Artworks of topic Culture and containing the word fred himmelsbach, pastel, traditional, culture

Fred Himmelsbach - The Flute PlayerThe Flute PlayerFred Himmelsbach

The sweet, haunting sound of the flute has long been associated with Love and Healing among the people on Earth. The Sioux, Kiowa and Zuni were just a few tribes who played the flute during courting rituals, fertility rites and ceremonies like the Giveaway and Sundance. They spoke of the flute's sou...

Fred Himmelsbach - Hopi Basket WeaverHopi Basket WeaverFred Himmelsbach

The Hopi art of basket and plaque weaving dates back over 2,000 years, to their ancestors whom they called the 'Hisatsinom' (People of Long Ago), though most non-Hopi usually refer to them as the 'Anasazi' or 'Basketmakers.' To this day, Hopi basket weavers are still recognised as creating the fines...

Odyssefs Ilias - ScrollsScrollsOdyssefs Ilias

Etching handmade, embossed project using traditional techniques and painting.

Moses Foresto - Batang Garing Kinan UretBatang Garing Kinan UretMoses Foresto

Batang garing is the ancient tree of life. The traditional philosophy of Dayak tribe, concepts of living in harmony.

Odyssefs Ilias - The kids fishedThe kids fishedOdyssefs Ilias

Work of art built from a copper foil, using traditional techniques and painting, for more informations Send Messages..

Odyssefs Ilias - Τhe Entry into JerusalemΤhe Entry into JerusalemOdyssefs Ilias

The Entry into Jerusalem is a traditional task of Christianity, is made in copper foil, is handmade, and traditional techniques and painting.