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The Artworks of topic Contemporary and containing the word zedblek zedblek com, photograph, contempory, contemporary

Zedblek Zedblek Com - Picto a descendant stairway © Zedblek 2015Picto a descendant stairway © Zedblek 2015Zedblek Zedblek Com

Tribute to Nude descending a staircase marcel duchamp , by reiteration d'un pictogram , to evoke space motion .

Zedblek Zedblek Com - L-espace of the board © Zedblek 2017L'espace of the board © Zedblek 2017Zedblek Zedblek Com

With L'Espace of the board , the model in the foreground character becomes . Here and now , we challenges . But what is his story ? Behind the young girl current , a group of geishas at center is like interrupted in the tenderness d'un gone now . Left to of the board , geisha one s'apprête at planti...

Zedblek Zedblek Com - Tea Next Performance © Zedblek 2015Tea Next Performance © Zedblek 2015Zedblek Zedblek Com

This representation from there Supper , inspired vinci , themselves want a pictorial manifesto owing « representationism » . Developed putting the scene « function representative » d’une opens , c'est out a tableau-musée où​ the apostles are replaced par of characters painterly famous . This appropr...