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The Artworks of topic Africa and containing the word karine arnou, stock, africa

Karine Arnou - at the market at the market Karine Arnou

While a girls s'occupent of their little brother and sisters , the boys give a knock hand them for courses/

Karine Arnou - DromedariesDromedariesKarine Arnou

Majestic , remote , so elegant . . . .

Karine Arnou - L- Male at l-épée .L' Male at l'épée .Karine Arnou

At marketplace d' Umdurman this man was waiting to sell his sword . . . ; There were anything from so timeless in this waiting , as if the time glided on him without l'atteindre . ; Of what meditating , for us western frantic . . .

Karine Arnou - out the seller  from  bananas out the seller from bananas Karine Arnou

Bananas sudanese are delicious . . . You buys the kilo , and the seller talkative with pleasure with his guest .

Karine Arnou - coming back of the  Nile coming back of the Nile Karine Arnou

L' male , perched on its donkey , come back shoreline nile where he went look for fodder .

Karine Arnou - Babie-s SistersBabie's SistersKarine Arnou

in sudan , and in Africa in black general , girls dice 10 years old can be considered up like ' children ' because they themselves found officials of their younger sibling , qu'elles strolling all day like on the painting while a their mother s'occupe of the last born .

Karine Arnou - The Boy up and  out the  hound The Boy up and out the hound Karine Arnou

to africa in black general , the children have fear dogs . and reciprocally . ; But by elsewhere between a child and one dog the rare always a great curiosity , an attraction mutual . Here j'ai wanted to express this ambivalence , fear - attractionentre l'animal and l'enfant .