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The Artworks of Alias Torlonio

Alias Torlonio - FAKE-VIRUS + 5G + VACCINESFAKE-VIRUS + 5G + VACCINESAlias Torlonio

smart technology , he “ internet of cosas” , next to 5G , are weapons of crowd control . In addition to being extremely harmful to health , with the frequency 5G they can literally manipulate your behavior and moods , alter your perception of things and override your immune system . The radio freque...

Alias Torlonio - the mother of experts - ¡FAKE-VIRUS !the mother of experts - ¡FAKE-VIRUS !Alias Torlonio

the corporate mother gives birth to experts every day . To these repellent gentlemen , with faces of seven-month-old fetuses , like malnourished cats , without knowing or making a slipknot , they have been given pabulo to screw up our lives . As you can imagine , these specimens reach high public of...

Alias Torlonio - Palimpsest ( FAKE-VIRUS )Palimpsest ( FAKE-VIRUS )Alias Torlonio

When the immune system is activated , sometimes cells secrete exosomes . today science calls the symptom , DISEASE , ' virus ' . Not long ago they called him ' the devil ' or ' the demon ' . ; FRANCISCO DE GOYA , when i wanted to paint a doctor , drew a ass , a donkey . ; art lovers , the day i uplo...

Alias Torlonio - For not wearing muzzle headscarf or mask - Dictatorship nazi communistFor not wearing muzzle headscarf or mask - Dictatorship nazi communistAlias Torlonio

Si todavía crees que tenemos un problema médico, tal vez tengas un serio trastorno mental: tu MENTE ha sido CONTROLADA por los MASS-MEDIA.;Le has puesto a tus hijos un bozal, te has dejado recluir en tu propia casa y miras idiotizado la TV mientras el ESTADO de tu país, TERRORISTA, TRAFICANTE y FALS...

Alias Torlonio - :Tiempo-Ahora : now in spain everything is a lie ¡Fake-Virus !:Tiempo-Ahora : now in spain everything is a lie ¡Fake-Virus !Alias Torlonio

Thanks to ' EXPERTS ' , daily life in my country is a farsa ( FAKE ) for some , and a nightmare for everyone .