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The Artworks of Rosy- Line

Rosy- Line - cheerful anniversarycheerful anniversaryRosy- Line

Illustration representing the fairy Matiti into theme ' Happy birthday '

Rosy- Line - hand a there handhand a there handRosy- Line

Hand in handmade for a big love as an heart . . . . .

Rosy- Line - a dress magicala dress magicalRosy- Line

Marie unpacked her gift with haste , and discovered a nice dress the color l'arc - by - heaven ! ; -Oh ! C'est a dress princess ! Mary was amazed . . . . ; - Like her is beautiful ! ; Marie delighted pulled her beautiful dress princess was pink ambition and scyntillait thousand fires . ; Mary joyful...

Rosy- Line - Amazed . . .Amazed . . .Rosy- Line

All the years , the sisters dentartenciels weave a dress that will destiny to one little girl of theworld entire . This magical dress can change color and themselves to transform each time qu'on the desire . ; Mary was quite consoled and amazed by this beautiful story . ; Hirondella promised marie o...

Rosy- Line - Chausson FallChausson FallRosy- Line

I put on my slippers, sheep fall.
The wind just crazy
Half soft
Smooches my cheek
Defeated my pout
My apple shivers
'I put on my slippers
Sheep Fall '
Against me
My eyes moss green
My deep frimousse
'I draw, loving, your leaves

Rosy- Line - one fresh magic a the airone fresh magic a the airRosy- Line

To thank the sisters dentartenciels , the fairy Matiti offered them of staying in its kingdom . She gave them power of accomplish dresses magic the seven color l'arc- by -ciel .

Rosy- Line - Christmas rosesChristmas rosesRosy- Line

Christmas roses
Four girls
Pink chiffon
Dance in bouquet
Tie and velvet
Folds of love
Hemmed peace
Four girls
Rose quenelle
Run, waddle
Happy one petal
A flower, sepal.
Four girls
Under the Mistletoe wake
fingers twigs
Vows t...