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Wuilfredo Soto Art Gallery - Wuilfredo Soto Artworks

Wuilfredo Soto Art Gallery - Wuilfredo Soto Artworks

"Biography Wuilfredo Jose Soto Marcano, 1961. Bachelor Degree MBA. Certificate in History of Western Art from the Center for Latin American Studies Arturo Uslar Pietri, Metropilitan University. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, self-taught education he is interested in geometric experiments in the field of optical kinetic investigation. His work h"

Wuilfredo Soto
Wuilfredo Soto
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infinity yellow

red shift

Distorcion with labyrinths

Opticolor Dont . 4

grid trick Blue square




Grid White Trick

Perception II Game

Onda Cromatica

Trick Grid with B and A

Trick Blue Grid red disks B and N

Trick Grid Blue with flashing reticle

 Wuilfredo Soto - Visual Artist
Agora Gallery New York With his pleasing geometric aesthetic and vibrant color palette, artist Wuilfredo Soto takes Abstract Expressionism and translates it to suit the modern world and his own sensibilities. An autodidact, Soto keeps his style plastic so as to encompass the wide range of ideas and feelings he wishes to actualize on canvas. Wit
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Wuilfredo Jose Soto Marcano, 1961. Bachelor Degree MBA. Certificate in History of Western Art from the Center for Latin American Studies Arturo Uslar Pietri, Metropilitan University.

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, self-taught education; he is interested in geometric experiments in the field of optical kinetic investigation. His work has been developed in three-dimensional creations that meet light, movement and space, where color plays an important role. My goal is to create a perception game where the viewer can interact directly with the painting.







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2010 Master of the Imagination Agora Gallery Chelsea. New York

2009 International Exhibition. The Worlds of Art. Miami FL 

2008 Galeria Fundación Iguini. Caracas Venezuela.

2007 Museum of Art-Rhode Island of Design. Muestras Latinoamericanas. USA

2006 Galería Okyo, Las Mercedes.Venezuela.

2005 Galería de Arte Florida.Venezuela.

2002 Galería Dimaca, Venezuela.

Artist Statement


He was born in Caracas in 1961. From an early age he felt a desire to express themselves through drawing and painting. However, having not sufficient financial resources he kept it as a pending task, until the mid- 90s began to develop an interest in art, through extensive research of the works about the great masters of painting, optical geometric trend basically.

 Moreover based on the geometric abstraction he started making spontaneous paintings with the freedom to choose and combine his palette. The desire of the artist consist in creating and innovating in each sample, being free to interpret his visions, colors, lights and forms, transforming the space he develops.

 His plastic has been defined under a constructive approach, gathering techniques that emphasize textures, a diversity of building materials and reinforce the interaction of colors towards a relentless pursuit of the idea. In this sense the expression has no limits, because despite the obstacles, this profession has allowed him to achieve a balance where the positive prevails.

 His preparation has allowed diversity and creation; he keeps a kinetic optical discourse, where the shape and color take a dominant role in the composition. This implies a systematic and rational work of strong visual impact. These paintings don’t seek to express an eventual plot, but the viewer would interpret the content in a different way. Under this latest trend the artist has developed a work with double set of perception, movement and vibration of the composition.

 Furthermore his work has developed with a contemporary approach, influenced by the design and architecture. The passion and the effort is his source of inspiration, under that instinct can imagine the impossible, make it a reality and transform the space. He has special attention to details, being diligent and patient and organizing color areas, where perception and imagination reconstruct reality in a positive and constructive manner.

 The artist believes that color is a subjective experience that depends on three key factors: light, object and observer. Looking in his compositions the viewer is attracted with great force by that energy. He believes that art can come into contact with other consciousness using different media and materials, creating optical illusions like motion.


W Soto

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