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Victoria Denim Art Gallery - Victoria Denim Artworks

Victoria Denim Art Gallery - Victoria Denim Artworks

"Vi ctoria DENIM : art like a synthesis of life Matter and color Victoria Denim’s passion for art goes back to her youth. She studied history at university, which naturally led her to go thoroughly into art history. Then, she became interested in the evolution of architecture and in the various movements of painting in the world. Her education and"

Victoria Denim
Victoria Denim
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That i t'aime , that i t'aime !

the world wonderful of Alice

The disparity of the world


there witch

witch and dragons





land scape

the world aboriginal d'antan

land scape Australian

land scape Australian

the world aboriginal




birds heavenly


tsunami 2011

out and there woman

big ben and

Marmoreal N° 22

out the swirl from there living


Victoria DENIM : art like a synthesis of life

Matter and color

VictoriaDenim’s passion for art goes back to her youth. She studied history atuniversity, which naturally led her to go thoroughly into art history.Then,she became interested in the evolution of architecture and in thevarious movements of painting in the world. Her education and herprofession as a teacher prompted her to wonder about the interrelationsof art and society throughout the centuries.
Her painting was in communion with matter offered by nature and a certain return to nature or even to the origins of man.
The impression of relief, which comes out of it, reveals in a way the quest for a third dimension.
Feelingdeeply Mediterranean, she became more and more open to the variouscultures which border or prolong the Mediterranean Sea and her workbecame influenced by Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and other Africancountries.
Under the guidance of the French-Moroccan painter and engraver Mimouni,she began working with the techniques of engraving and monotypes, andproduced abstract colored pieces which then harness the so-called“adobe architecture”: African houses, towers, Mexican villages…
Maintainingthe theme of adobe architecture, she switched from the small format ofmonotypes to bigger size canvasses and began using matter as buildingmaterial, thus creating reliefs which come to life according to theshadow and light of the moment. These paintings sculpt space with apalette using Roussillon pigments, then grow into blues and yellowsafter she returns from Morocco.

She continued to pursue passionate research on matter to support pieces in which surface is animated by colored shapes.
Oncanvas covered with marble powder, sand, sawdust…, she scans the reliefborn by accident until shapes coming from the nothingness challenge her or even force themselves upon her, and brings them to life by adding acrylic paint, oil paint, pure pigment…

She likes to say that “these abstract or figurative shapes came out of the canvas by themselves”and that her hand is nothing but a tool guided by chance, imaginationor even error, which allows her to make them visible and alive.Sheoften partitions these “appearances” in rigid geometric frames, squaresor rectangles, composing a sort of puzzle which prompts the viewer toconnect the different represented elements in order to solve theirenigma.

Theconductor is the matter-support, the color-surface but also theform-surface. Indeed, her compositions turn from suggested figurativeshapes into pure chromatic abstraction.

Inthese pieces marked with signs and symbols of African inspired doorsand facades, the omnipresence of man is suggested in a dreamlike -sometimes mysterious universe, which is nothing but the transpositionof our world, marked by mankind not only through history and space butalso through the imaginary.
She paints what she is and what she feels.
Her work is a reflection of her self. It’s her world of people, housesand appearance, represented by these highly-colored smooth facades,rhythmed by multiple irregular shapes and her inner world, her being,in all its diversity thus partitioned since each fragment claims to bea story the viewer must discover by himself.
The links between these two worlds are the pigments, “matter” and “partition”.

Using it as a language, a universal and timeless means of expression and communication, Victoria DENIM wants to share with us her vision of art which she wants to be a synthesis of life, from the origins until today.
Atthe same time, she undertakes a certain quest of her “self” through alabyrinth born from the mosaic of multiple heritages left bycivilization.

Contact : victoria.denim@laposte.net 
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Solo shows and group shows:

- june 2004 : médiathèque de Montmirat, 30
- january 2004, L’art à la mairie de Fabrègues, 34
- august 2003, Le Bistrot, Colognac 30
- july 22 to august 2, 2003, Midi Libre, Alès 30
- may 2003, « La cabane trempée », Mauguio-Montpellier 34, group show with D. Leenhardt, G. Cazilhac, Bocaj , Marsala, Label helen…
- december 2002, Montpellier, group show « Différences » organised by Association Occci’zen to the MPT Léo Lagrange
- november 18 to december 6, 2002, Midi Libre, Le Mas de Grille, Saint-Jean de Védas- Montpellier 34
- september 2002, Sète,group show « Sea and children », univers croisés dans le cadre duFestival « Enfance et Plongée » organised by Association Occi’zen
- août 2002, Le Bistrot, Colognac 30
- mai 2002, La cabane trempée, Mauguio, group show avec D. Leenhardt, G. Cazilhac, Bocaj, Kanfr…
- january 14 to January 27, 2002, Saint-Ravy Gallery, 34000 Montpellier
- october 31 to November 4, 2001, Art Salon of Laudun, 30290 Laudun
- july 21 to August 5, 2001, Cultural Center of Colognac, 30460 Colognac
- june 11 to July 9, 2001 with C. Junon-Perez, “Inédit” Jazz Club, 34000 Montpellier
- may 18 to June 15, 2001, “Engravings and monotypes”, group show, F. Chopin House, 21 different pieces, 34000 Montpellier
-1995, group show, Aigalier, Martigues

Press reviews:
● « L’instant du monde » N°2, artistic and litterary review, septembre-octobre –novembre 2002
● Midi Libre, January 16, 2002, critique by Lise OTT
● La Gazette de Montpellier, n° 712, from January 11 to January 17, 2002
● La Gazette de Nîmes, n°117, from July 20 to July 26, 2001
● Midi Libre, July 23, 2001
● “La Voix Domitienne”, N°34, artistic and litterary review, winter 2000/2001
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  - Noir et Rouge
Au printemps 2002, elle entreprend une série associant des couleurs qu’elle n’avait jamais utilisées jusque là, noir-rouge-blanc qui s’enlacent, se contournent, se font face et évoquent des sentiments exacerbés. Violence, haine,amour, passion ?
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