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Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca Art Gallery - Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca Artworks

Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca Art Gallery - Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca Artworks

"Ruth Olivar Millan Born in Fresno county in the Center on Calif year in the year 1947 to Luciano Olivar and Maria de Jesus Ramirez. Two creative people that stressed education as a very important concept. She also grew up speaking Spanish, English and Japanese while she lived in a multicultural agricultural community.Her environment may have been p"

Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca
Ruth Olivar Millan - Cuca
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Marriage in Wine Country

Mother and Child

Mother and Child merry Christmas

Nativity Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Homage to Martin Ramirez

Angel in Distress


Mother and Child 2008 by Ruth Olivar Millan

Christmas Mother and Child by Ruth Olivar Millan

Angels to Protect Us

Guardian Angel by Ruth Olivar Millan

Guardian Angel by Ruth Olivar Millan

Angels that Protect Us

Angels that Protect Us

Angels in Distress


White Flowers Still Life

White Flowers Still Life

Red Shaw at the Mercado

Mother Earth1

Mother and Daughter at the Market/ Madre y Hija en el Mercado

Portrait of Frida by Ruth Olivar Millan

Women with Guitar/ Mujer con Guitarra

Birth of Mother Earth/ Concepcion de Madre Tierra

Ruth Olivar Millan is currently exhibiting  at

The National Hispanic University

30th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Story and White rd East Hills

San Jose, Cal USA  

Ehibition now until Nov 4, 2007

Art Auction and artist reception:


The Mission Community  Cultural Center Galleria

Mission st

San Francisco, Cal

 Art Auction:now until  Sept 6, 2007

Pajaro Valley Arts Center Galleria

Mi Casa es Su Casa ...Exhibition on Death

Oct-Nov-Dec 2007

Watsonville,Cal USA

Cuca's Galeria Lower level

11050 Enchanto Vista

San Jose, Cal  USA 95127     (408) 272-8790

Currently showing:  ARTIST reception for Ruth Olivar Millan SEPT 15, 2007 fom 4:30-7:00 PM

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 ARTICLES and ART REVIEWS Ruth Olivar Millan, Cuca
Art reviews on Ruth Olivar Millan, Cuca volunteer work, art work and other awards. Two time cancer survivor Reaches out to other people in need
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 Brillant colors, depicting themes that affect the HUMAN RACE
Thank you for browsing and sharing my art contact me with any questions that you may have.
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About the Artist:

Ruth Olivar Millan

 An international artist that uses her artwork to finance her volunteer projects.   Her projects include" Escuela en la Casa Program' , where she teaches parents to be the first and most important teacher in their child's life. She visits ghetto, barrio homes,migrant camps , homeless or car dwellers and talks about nutrient, hygiene BSE (breast self exams) teaches Reading  to adults, so they can read to their children. Supplies the family with bilingual books and  writng supplies and art supplies  and sometimes clothing.

 She is also a certified Breast Health Facilitator, that contucts workshops in English and Spanish and assists Dr. s with translations in mobile clinics to detect breast cancer..  She spent 35 years teaching  in a class room  and now devotes her time to volunteering in different capasilites.  Her schedule is full, but she finds personal  time and space  where she paints , sculpts or creates woodblocks to relieve her stress and feel that she has accomplished something in her world. The  only organization she has time for is CASA .  "Caring and Sharing Artists" a global organization devoted to  teaching PEACE, Human  Rights,cultural enrichment and  Recognition of people.. This organization features Artists that  believe they can make a better world with their art, a non-verbal medium.

She is a UC Berkeley graduate in ART andLatin American Studies,  a minor in Spanish Literature, MA in Multi-cultural, Cross-Cultural Education (education, linguistics and History) she has several  special credentials in education.....to serve children, young adults and older adults. She is a retired teacher that left the classroom to reach more people in the home and in rural areas. She also works with homeless and neglected children.

""La educacion no se Aprende en Libros", Education is not learned solely out of books......meaning that you can be  educated in other ways and know more about manners, kindness, peace and all the good things that make our earth a better place. All the degrees and credentials will not necessarily make you a better human  being.....one that is truly devoted to others. 

Being a senior citizen has she has welcomed a rebirth and more freedom to make a social change.


Safeway Hispanic Comunity Calendar 2006,2007, 2008 USA

Once Libros Para aprender a Leer/  Eleven Books to Learn to Read 

Numberous Calendars, cards, article sand  book illustrations , Magazine articles, News articles

Personal sales on http://www.Cafepress.com/Frida_Kahlo_Art

Prints also available.


Latest 2008:


Open studio:  Galeria Enchanto  11050 Enchanto Vista  San Jose, California 95127 USA by appointment (408) 272-8790                    

Search Artists name to see more work. 

Email: rutholivarmillan@sbcglobal.net



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Ruth Olivar Millan

Born in Fresno county in the Center on Calif year in the year 1947 to Luciano Olivar and Maria de Jesus Ramirez. Two creative people that stressed education as a very important concept. She also grew up speaking Spanish, English and Japanese while she lived in a multicultural agricultural community.Her environment may have been perceived as one of poverty for lack of materialism but it was rich in the areas of great food, music and art. Sunday's were all ways celebrated with extended family and compadres... father's jokes, great Bar-b-q s and singing kept everyone in full gear for the coming week that would include hard work in the fields.
At times life was complicated. The pain was much to too much to endure, but faith ( and some paint and a paint brush)in every situation helped her find some harmony, some peace and strength that directed her on the right path.

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 Born in the San Joaquin Valley in the center of California USA.  Born to two creative campesino  parents that always had a great love for the arts. Herhome was always adorned with good food , music, religous drama and family and compadres and comadres.  Spanish was the first language heard, English second and phrases of  other languages .....Japanese and Armenian in our schools.  Facination with cultures started early in her life and her passion for art started even before she held a brush in her hand.

In spite of a lack of resources and money she graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in Art,Art History, La Raza Studies with a minor in Spanish literature.  Received a teaching credential from Notre Dame College a Catholic School in Belmont, several teaching certificates in English, Spanish, adult education, and specialist credentials. Her  Master of Arts Degree embrased her interests of Multi-cultural/cross cultural education (lingusitics, history, education) Inspite of her book education she still considers herself  "self taught"and contines to learn from the people she meets in her travels and volunteer work.  She is always amazed at the great masters that adorn the galleries and museums as new as the new  muli-media genius' that take the freedom of expression  bravely to another perspective.  She expands her knowledge of art to the belief that it promotes right and left brain developement in both the creator and interactionist.The  creative thought  (brain activity) that influences science creativity, literature and passion in the science of living life to the fullest.

Her paintings are an intense personal intimate act.  These  paintings reflect the people she sees in lands where the subject shares their life with the earth,their food, their children ,their shelters  facial wrinkles and colorful clothes, with the artist.  Her subjects are based on universal themes beyond culture, language,race, boarders and lines that devide humans. Her art work embraces the interaction with a whisper of faceless characters a composite of the viewer.

As a painter she loses narrative that defines the rules of art and becomes an instrument of emotion to concentrate on the elements of the paint...the color,value shape intense line. Her paintings are comtempary in terms of documenting a global perspective of our humanrace yet  are reminders of Gauguin the shapes and flat shapes of Japenese wood block prints. For the some interactionist the work may represent reality   but justifies the manifestation of a powerful reality within the viewer.  Who becomes the true artist.

Ruth Olivar Millan, Cuca     art sales support her global peace projects (books for the home, education in the home, conflict resolution skills and health projects)



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