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Roger Cummiskey Art Gallery - Roger Cummiskey Artworks

Roger Cummiskey Art Gallery - Roger Cummiskey Artworks

"ART ROGER CV. I am a full time visual Artist. www.rogercummiskey.com Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI. Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA. Presidente del Grupo de Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia - PAIA. Member A"

  From Mijas Costa to NYC   From secluded Mijas Costa two images are winging their way to heady New York City in February for an exhibition entitled My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea
Roger Cummiskey
Roger Cummiskey
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A memory

Collage 4 - Leopold Bloom

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Don Quijote

Anna Livia

Joyce the Pluralist

la Playa - abstracto


Desayuno - Breakfast

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James Joyce

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Hemos Vuelto – We are Back

Your Invitation to visit.

AIA members, husband and wife team Roger and Dolores Cummiskey, are exhibiting again at galeria restaurante Lucia from 03.03 – 11.04.2014.

This promises to be an exciting new exhibition of charcoal drawings combined with cross stitch creations.

Lena, Anders and Gerrie continue their superb hospitality serving up their unique Danish and Norwegian fare at very reasonable prices and always with a smile and a happy word.

Andalusian International Artists are proud to continue our long standing relationship with LUCIA.

The AIA celebrates it´s 10th Anniversary this year – 2004-2014 – proudly presenting original Artworks along the Costa del Sol.

[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 3Ko - 2014]

AEPE - Villanueva de la Concepción

Malaga Province.









Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores.


Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de la Concepción, Málaga Province.


Inaugración / Recepción: jueves, 11/08 a la 17 h.


Opening reception invitation: Thursday 11 August 5-8 PM.





La exposición comienza el 11 hasta el 25 de agosto;

viernes de 5 a 8 de la tarde, sábados de 11 a 2,  5 a 8 y domingos de 11 a 2.


The exhibition continues until 26th August.





Fri 5-8; Sat 11-2 and 5-8; Sun 11-2.

[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 3Ko - 2011]

Paintings and Drawings


Year Ended 31.12.2009
Medical Expenses
Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett, Charcoal.




[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko - 2011]

Season of mellow fruitfulness.


Monto - Nighttown 


“Season of mellow fruitfulness”


Paintings and assemblages by Richard Wood, Ian Hunter, Elaine Carlton and Roger Cummiskey


Four experienced and imaginative AIA-Group artists join forces for this exhibition, which runs from 2nd to the 29th October at Galería Las Gemelas Restaurant, Calle Jacinto Benavente, Fuengirola, just down the road from the Bus Station, set back on the left hand side heading towards the sea.


Good art makes us look afresh at our shared world, helps us notice the detail of life in new ways and brings surprise and delight into our lives. It makes you feel good.


This work does just that, through the ambition and restless inventiveness, of artists who have the knack of turning the commonplace and the often overlooked into images and objects which shimmer with life and insight.


Don’t just trust this purple prose, - come and see it for yourself, and put some space, light and fun into your life!


The artists welcome the public to the opening of this exhibition from 15-17 hrs on Saturday 2nd October 2010 at the Galería Las Gemelas Restaurant. 


Exhibition continues until 29th October. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10-18 and Saturday 11-17


The AIA-group was formed 6 years ago. See www.aia-group.net or call Elaine Carlton, 952 93 99 64.


Les Damoiselle de Dublin by Roger Cummiskey.

[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 6Ko - 2010]










Two leading AIA-Group artists, painters Margit Bjorklund from Sweden and group chairman Roger Cummiskey from Ireland, jointly exhibit a selection of their new works in the Galeria Lucia, Calle Maestra Ángeles Aspiazú, Fuengirola (by the 3 horse roundabout). 


The exhibition runs from the 04-30 October daily between 12-4 and 7-11 pm, except Sundays when it is closed. 


Gerrie Gran, the gallery owner said “Margit and Roger´s works bring a fresh look to this exhibition. The works are in complete contrast to each other and yet are in harmony. It is a delightful exhibition”.  


Margit finds her inspiration in nature and translates her impressions and feelings into colour and form. With the help of oil paint she depicts on canvas the texture and multiple strong colors found in different flowers.


Roger continues the celebration of Summer with a selection of brightly colored abstract paintings.



The AIA-Group was formed six years ago by professional and dedicated visual artists from around the world, who are all living and working in Andalucía.

Further information is available from the AIA web site www.aia-group.net



[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 5Ko - 2010]

Original charcoal drawing completed Jan 01 2009.

USA - Si, podemos!

32 x 46 cm. Just over 12 x 18 inches.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were too scared to have and the decisions we waited too long to make.

There comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesn't, who never did and who always will.

So don't worry about the people from your past.

There's a reason they didn't make it to your future. So only send this to the people in your life who matter.

I just did!



[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko - 2010]

AEPE - Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain


Collective exhibition at the Pablo Ruioz Picasso townhall building C\ Cruz 42.

07-20/2009. daily 10-20 h. except Sundays

PHOTOS of the opening.


[Announcement - Roger Cummiskey - 1Ko - 2009]

  From Mijas Costa to NYC
From secluded Mijas Costa two images are winging their way to heady New York City in February for an exhibition entitled My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea
[Page - Roger Cummiskey - 5Ko - 2010]







I am a full time visual Artist. www.rogercummiskey.com 

Professional Member of
 Visual Artists Ireland - VAI.

Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO 

Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA.

Presidente del Grupo de Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia - PAIA.

Member Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores - AEPE.

Member Asociación de Acuarelistas de Málaga - AAM.

Member of NADFAS - Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Arts Society. This year they celebrate their 20th anniversary and are a Member Society of NADFAS (UK) celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

I am a former CEO in a voluntary capacity of Very Special Arts, Ireland, - part of the International Charity founded by the sister of the late President of the United States of America, J F Kennedy, and former US Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith in 1975. 

I was a Board member of Eucrea Ireland Ltd. part of the European Communities Helios programme

Roger is a Dublin Watercolourist, living between Ireland and southern Spain.

He has developed a unique individual style and specializes in paintings that take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and other Literary and Historical personalities. He is a recognised Joycean artist.

Roger´s paintings have been exhibited in Australia, China, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and in many national and private shows in Ireland.

His paintings have represented Ireland at the Florence Biennale and also at International Art Exhibitions in London, Stockholm and New York.

Corporate collectors include: Enterprise Ireland, Starbucks, SWV Studios, Dipetane Int., Ballymore Homes, Computer Associates Inc., BT Business.

Museum Collections: Monaghan County Museum; Airfield Trust; Ayuntamiento de Mijas, La Cala Cultura; Ayuntamiento de Competa, Málaga, Spain; The James Joyce Tower Museum.

Charitable Donations: The Unicorn Children’s Foundation; Amnesty International; Health Action Overseas; The Prince’s Foundation; Unicef; The Marie Curie Cancer Care Foundation, Ireland; UNICEF, Ireland; Rehab Foundation, Dublin ; University of Southern Florida; Rossmore Golf Club; Artists Asociation of Ireland; Michael O’Connell Charity Dolphin RFC; The Artworks, Poole, Dorset, UK; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; TSUNAMI-ART-AUCTION-IRELAND; Ataxia Uk (www.ataxia.org.uk) and The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (www.mandela-ninos.org); Cooperation Ireland; CUDECA; Hunt Museum, 2006; Burkina Faso, West Africa fundraising; Concordia Anti Aids Charity, Aspandem and Piel de MariposaMarbella Princess Marie-Luisa de PrusiaHunt Museum, 2009Norwegian Refugee Council via Steve Hall - The Shirt. Haiti Art Acution with Monkdogz NYC. Childlife, Enniscorty - ISPCC.

Membereships: Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI. Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR)(Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO. Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA. Member Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores - AEPE. Member Asociación de Acuarelistas de Málaga - AAM. Member of NADFAS - Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Arts Society

[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 9Ko]

Five of the Best

Location: Jinete, Carretera La Cala Golf, Km. 4.5; La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa. Spain.

When: From 19/04 - 19/95 - daily 13-21h.

An exhibition of a variety of paintings, drawings and textiles by six members of the Andalusian International Artists Group.

Featuring work by:

Juan Cruz España
Roger Cummiskey Ireland
Dolores Cummiskey Ireland
Ian Hunter England
Richard Wood England

The AIA-Group was formed five years ago by professional and dedicated visual artists from around the world, who are all living and working in Andalucía.
Further information is available from the AIA web site.

Bono, U2. Under Construction

Enquire here.CONTACT ME HERE:
[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 3Ko]

Roger Cummiskey


Beckitts, Marbella presents Summer Sunshine, an exhibition of recent paintings by Roger Cummiskey on view until 30 Sept., 2009. Cummiskey’s new work uses abstract interpretation to highlight Summer time.


Roger Cummiskey’s use of drawing and painting on paper in watercolour is considered by many to be masterful. He “employs delicate lines that seem to touch the surface – just long enough to form the silhouette, record a bodily gesture, or suggest an emotional expression.”  Neutral pigments become the backgrounds for such depictions, allowing the characters and the relationship that is established between them to suggest that the apparent banality of the situation is actually a platform to reflect on the realities of sameness and difference, through non-narrative moments void of spatial context. Earth elements reappear throughout his oeuvre in the form of objects, backgrounds, clothing or lack of it, insinuating the basic instincts of the Authors in their writings. In the words of the artist, “Sometimes the imaginary doubles as an ideal companion to the reading/re-reading of all or part of the Authors’ works in a modern day setting.”

Roger Cummiskey lives and works in Mijas Costa and Dublin. His latest solo exhibitions “A Stroll Thro’ Ulysses” include The Roxy ArtHouse Gallery, Edinburgh, The Airfield Trust Gallery, Dublin, 2004; He represented Ireland at The Florence Biennale in 2003 also at International exhibitions in Stockholm, London and New York in 1999 and 2000. His works are part of public and private collections in Europe, The United States, Japan and China.  This is Roger Cummiskey’s third exhibition in Spain. He is President of the Andalusian International Artists Group in Spain.

Media contact:

For further information, interviews or images, please contact the Artist, 952 592 652 or email ArtRoger@gmail.com


[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 4Ko]

Barebrush.com features one of my images on their December 2008 calendar at December 1st.


This image is also a Curators choice.


Would you mind casting your vote for my image? Thanks.








[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko]

The Andalusian International Artists Group (www.aia-group.net) is a private, voluntary, not for profit, self help group of like minded artists located in southern Spain.
Two of their members, Bettina Eriksen from Denmark and Roger Cummiskey from Ireland, have paintings on display at the  Galeria restaurante LUCIA, in Fuengirola until Feb 27th - daily from 1.30.
This is located up from the horse fountain on the left hand side. The grub ain´t bad either!
[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko]

I am a Dublin Watercolourist. I specialize in watercolor paintings, which take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and other Literary and Historical personalities. This has come from a lifelong interest in attempting to interpret in paintings what James Joyce et al., so eloquently wrote about our native city, Dublin.

I call my collections, “A Stroll Thro’ Ulysses - Bloomsday 100” and “The River Gods of Ireland”.

New, unique and creative ideas are constantly being added.

Speaking at a recent exhibition opening.

[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko]

  - Je suis aquarelliste à Dublin. Je me spécialise dans les aquarelles , qui prennent leurs thèmes et titres des wanderings et des écritures de James Joyce, de Samuel Beckett et d'autres personnalités littéraires et historiques. Ceci est venu d'un intér...
[Biography - Roger Cummiskey - 2Ko - 2006]

Roger Cummiskey's Guestbook

I like the tranquil scene of the West of Ireland where I spent some time as a boy. [IMG]/A55A04/Fotel.nsf/(Uploads)/SRVV-7VKBZN/$File/16072009158.jpg[/IMG]
(Roger Cummiskey, 4 September 2009)