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Olga Dmytrenko Art Gallery - Olga Dmytrenko Artworks

Olga Dmytrenko Art Gallery - Olga Dmytrenko Artworks

"Olga Dmytrenko was born in the Ukraine. Her love of the visual arts and science was cultivated at a young age by her father-artist and mother-mathematician. After graduating from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics at Kiev State University, she entered the Department of Physics there, and got her M.Sc. in 1986. In 1990 she gained a Ph."

Abstract Landscapes and Mindscapes (original oil and acrylic on canvas)
Olga Dmytrenko
Olga Dmytrenko
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Morning In Port of Wilm

Heat Capacity

Lacus Somniorum (Lake of Dreams)

Wireless Communication

Exit 13

Wind in the Sand


Pink Sunset



Waiting For A Train


Storm Expectation


Moon Observation of the Mountains


Clever Bird

Numbers in the Space


Cleaver Bird

Numbers in the Space

Golden Sea




Mezzanine Gallery presents “ABSTRAVAGANZA: Themes & Variations“, an solo exhibition of work by Olga Dmytrenko. The opening reception will take place on Friday, May 4th 5-8pm. The work will be on view from Friday, May 4 through Friday, May 25, 2012  


Mezzanine Gallery

820 N French Street

Carvel State Office Building

Wilmington, DE 19801


Please note after 4 p.m. visitors will be asked to show a photo ID and sign in.


[Announcement - Olga Dmytrenko - 2Ko - 2012]

International Abstract Art Exhibition –  October  7–21,  2011

Rearte Gallery

Spiesshammergasse 4

1120 Wien


Tel: +43 (0) 664 73753708


Gallery hours: by appointment

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7th, 7-9 pm.

Artists: Adrian Bayreuther (Germany), Alberto D’Assumpção (Portugal), Olga Dmytrenko (USA / Ukraine), Frank Ettenberg (Austria/USA), Harriette Lawler (USA), Abd Masoud (Austria / Jordan), Izabella Pavlushko (Azerbaijan), Constantin Severin (Romania).

Speaker: Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky (Austria), Vice-president of the Austrian Art Association and the President of the Sculpture Department

Art knows no borders, no barriers, no religions, and no age or sex limitation. Art is there to build bridges that connect nations and melt the cultural diversity into one pot to create a universal language – the language of art. This is the main mission of the Rearte Gallery, a private non-commercial, nationally and internationally recognized art space in Vienna. It provides opportunities for artists from different countries to connect with each other, exhibit their art in an exclusive and representative atmosphere, and to allow art lovers to discuss and share their ideas and thoughts away from the commercial atmosphere.

“Privatsphären” is a celebration of the friendship between eight visual abstract artists from different countries and continents, which became possible due to the revolutionary development of the internet and social networking technologies in the last decade. Artists are no longer confined in their studios and may communicate in the virtual space with distant colleagues, sharing their private thoughts, art ideas, works and inspirations. This exhibition offers to Vienna audiences a visual tour of a carefully selected and unique collection of 14 oil and acrylic paintings and two wall sculptures created by international artists united by their sincere belief in the power of friendship and good will.

Rearte Gallery presents:

Adrian Bayreuther (Germany) has a deep passion for the Russian avant-garde. With influences ranging from Malevich to Exter, Adrian creates stunning visual voyages that combine the Russian and German cultures.

Alberto D’Assumpção has won acclaim in his country, Portugal, and internationally for his skill and ability to create rhythm and metaphysical imagery by imparting a dramatic sense of color, dynamics, and emotions into the static character of geometric elements.

Born in Ukraine and living in the USA, Olga Dmytrenko uses her emotional states of mind and imagination, boosted by her scientific background and life experience, to create original and sensual fantasy landscapes and mindscapes, often with a hint of sci-fi flavor.

Frank Ettenberg, the USA artist currently living in Austria, discovered and fell in love with the NY School of Abstract-Expressionism in the 60s, at the beginning of it. Since then, he enjoys doing emotionally charged, full of feelings and drama, visual abstractions created with his unique brush strokes, bold and soft colors, dynamics and 3D effects.

Influenced by her Native American heritage, Harriette Lawler’s art relates to the journeys we traverse, reflecting the dichotomies of life: order/chaos, refinement/rawness, the primal/the intellect, tranquility/turbulence. She often incorporates the image of passageways, utilizing a continuous sheet of metal, oxidizing it for color, then pulling it into 3D.

The Austrian-Jordanian artist Abd A. Masoud receives inspiration for his new ideas from reading and viewing old Arabic manuscripts and maps. Without getting restricted to the traditional calligraphy rolls he is feeling free to re-design and re-interpret these ancient scriptures and convert his thoughts to the final result on the canvas.

Izabella Pavlushko (Azerbaijan) is a virtuoso in geometrical abstraction and an avid follower of the Russian avant-garde. Her paintings offer a metaphorical significance via incredible color and shape compositions, leading a spectator to the discovery of complex information though simplicity.

In his vibrant colored, geometrical, abstract foregrounds/backgrounds, Romanian artist-writer-theorist, Constantin Severin, incorporates the elements of classical realism in the small iconic images with perfectly recognizable genre scenes that quote masters of realistic painting – Jan Vermeer, Diego Velazquez and others.

The book accompanying the exhibition “Privatsphären” (Private Spheres), published by Chao Fia Contemporary, 2011, is a full color, 120 page book that features 98 art works from 8 international artists as well as photos from their professional and personal lives. These art images include a special section with the collection to be exhibited and a page devoted to the Privatsphären Speaker, Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky. Information about the gallery is also provided by the gallery director and painter Abd Masoud.

A digital preview (42 pages) is made available at: www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2360967

(Book ISBN 978-0-9838381-0-4)

For further exhibition information, please contact: office@rearte-gallery.at

[Announcement - Olga Dmytrenko - 7Ko - 2011]

 ABSTRAVAGANZA - Abstract Landscapes and Mindscapes by Olga Dmytrenko
Abstract Landscapes and Mindscapes (oil and acrylic paintings on canvas)
[Page - Olga Dmytrenko - 1Ko - 2009]


Olga Dmytrenko was born in the Ukraine. Her love of the visual arts and science was cultivated at a young age by her father-artist and mother-mathematician. After graduating from the Republican School of Physics and Mathematics at Kiev State University, she entered the Department of Physics there, and got her M.Sc. in 1986. In 1990 she gained a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. Olga has won several honour rewards, including Research Fellowship of President of Ukraine and Fellowship of Republic of Austria Federal Ministry of Science and Research. She currently lives and works in Delaware, USA. Despite her deep interest in science, Olga creates organic abstracts in style, which she names „Abstravaganza”. She is the winner of 8th Annual Grand Prix Inter-Art Museum 2006 and Ambassadors' Art Prize-Prix des Ambassadors 2005 (special prize).

Olga is a member and representative in the USA for the International group of five artists, 3rd Paradigm (http://3rdparadigm.net)


*2012 May: Mezzanine Gallery, Wilmington, DE, USA. Solo exhibition. 

*2011 October: Rearte Gallery, Vienna, Austria – “Private Spheres”International Abstract Art Exhibition 

*2010 October:  Vieira Portuense Gallery, Oporto, Portugal - 3rd Paradigm Exhibition.

*2010 June 24 - July 27: Jose de Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 3rd Paradigm Exhibition.

*2010 March 3 - March 31:  Aurum Gallery, Bad Homburg, Germany - Exhibition of Adrian Bayreuther with participation of the 3rd Paradigm.

*2009 November 30 - 2010 January 4: Picoas Plaza Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal – 3rd Paradigm Group Exhibition

*2009 September 11-October 11 "Human Rights?" International art exhibition; curator - Roberto Ronca. Complesso Monumentale Real Sito Belverdere di S. Leucio - Caserta, Italy

*2009 March 7 –April 19 “Possibilities of a Pause” at Delaware Art Museum – juried group show; curator - Carina Evangelista

*2008 August - the 2nd Summer Art & Music Festival, Ico Art and Music Gallery Gallery, New York, NY, USA – juried group show 

*2007 December – Central Perk, 42 East Main Str., Newark, DE, USA– solo

* 2007 May - BRITE ART AUCTION & WINE TASTING, the Manhattan Exhibition Hall at the Asian Cultural Center, New York, USA

*2005-2010 – continuing solo exhibit at KNIZHNIK, 8342 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelpia, PA, USA 19152



2009 "Red Pharaoh"(acrylic on canvas, 61x45 cm) is in  SPAZO-TEMPO   collection, Italy.

2007 “The Best of 123Soho 2007 Art Show”

2006 8th Annual Grand Prix Inter-Art Museum 2006 - Gold Prize.

2006  Featured Artist for August - The Fine Art Originals.

2005  Ambassadors' Art Prize-Prix des Ambassadors 2005 -Special Prize.



Ph.D. ISC of UNAS, Kiev, Ukraine 1990; M.Sc. Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine, 1986.


- 3rd PARADIGM International group (http://3rdparadigm.net)

[Biography - Olga Dmytrenko - 5Ko]

Olga Dmytrenko's Guestbook

Its all About the Painting Tricks
Mrs. Olga Dmytrenko is making visual art and science cultivated when she use to young. She has a great attitude in preparing the paintings and also different types of arts. She has managed to draw all the expertise in the visual arts. In this regard, the paintings of Mrs. Olga Dmytrenko have managed to draw more popularity and famous across the wor.../...
(Charles mirkovic, 10 January 2011)
ArtsCad Art Critic
Born in Ukraine, Olga’s parents gave her a love of painting and mathematics (her father was a realist painter and her mother a mathematician). She favored her mother originally, eventually receiving a doctorate in physics. She has been published in over forty peer-reviewed internationally-respected journals, and serves as the referee for many of th.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)
Very nice paintings, i am sure you are a famous artist. I love them a lot. a artlover from...
Very nice paintings, i am sure you are a famous artist. I love them a lot. a artlover from Norway
([From Guestbook], 18 November 2005)
([From Guestbook], 18 November 2005)