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Nathaniel Milljour Art Gallery - Nathaniel Milljour Artworks

Nathaniel Milljour Art Gallery - Nathaniel Milljour Artworks

"Nathaniel Milljour is a self-taught Canadian Artist , painter and sculptor . He splits his time between Alberta , and British Columbia , Canada . In 2007, he established a small studio gallery in downtown Calgary under the name 'Adore Designs Studio and Gallery'. In 2008 the physical store was closed and a new company emerged online under the name"

Nathaniel Milljour
Nathaniel Milljour
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Cuttin' Torch Chloe

Rink Rash

The Harlequin


The High Priestess

Pretty Pieces of Flesh



Along Came a Spider

Behind the Red Curtains

Little Red Riding Hood


Evening in Red



Monoliths - Calgary Bankers Hall

Calgary in Green

Mary Magdelene

Saint Catherine

Troyes Cathedral




Nathaniel Milljour is a self-taught Canadian Artist, painter and sculptor. He splits his time between Alberta, and British Columbia, Canada.

In 2007, he established a small studio gallery in downtown Calgary under the name 'Adore Designs Studio and Gallery'. In 2008 the physical store was closed and a new company emerged online under the name 'Studio Noire' presumably due to Milljour's move to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His fine art has been sold in galleries across Canada and the United States.

Recently, his artwork has been featured on numerous promotional materials and album artwork for musicians internationally. His gig artwork is growing in demand and he seems to be focusing primarily on music industry clients. In his short time working in this genre of music "gig" art, he has created promotional work for such varied genres as seasoned metal bands Exodus of San Francisco, and Kreator of Germany, as well as gothic icon and musician Voltaire of New York, and many others. His artwork has been featured on subculture gig posters for nightclubs and events across Canada and the US, and he was recently one of the exhibited artists for the 'DECADEnce, a decade of gothic artwork' show in Vancouver.

Studio Noire Logo as of 2009
Studio Noire Poster for the Exodus and Kreator Calgary Show 2009
Studio Noire Poster for the Voltaire Vancouver Show 2009

Milljour is also a constant contributor to charities and events, and was recently one of a hundred Canadian artists chosen to paint helmets in honor of Canadian soldiers abroad. The helmets were auctioned off in November 2009 by the 'True Patriot Love Foundation', established by retired General Rick Hillier, to support Canadian military families in need. His work was entitled "We Stand on Guard for Thee".

In early 2009, Milljour donated a full scale painting to Vancouver's 'Red Galleria', "Paint Vancouver Red" charity auction to benefit the Vancouver Children's Hospital.

In late 2009, Milljour's painting "The Caterpillar" was featured in the Calgary Public Library foundation Literary Awards charity auction“.

Milljour is also featured in numerous other charities and auctions contributing to the community throughout the year.


Artwork ranges far and wide in subject matter, from traditional architecture, to figures of incredible emotion, depth and color. Often categorized into Lowbrow, he mainly uses Chiaroscuro, to create vivid Figurative images with somewhat of a Gothic, Erotic, and often Fetish flair.

Although usually focusing on his fine art in acrylic and oil paint, his newer works are becoming more and more digital, often using hand sketches digitally touched up.

His artwork was chosen in 2008 by Calgary Transit for their urban renewal program, "Art in Motion" where local artists works were chosen to help decorate unsightly utility boxes in downtown Calgary. His pieces, "Calgary in Green" and "Monoliths, both dark and foreboding surreal cityscapes of Calgary were chosen, and can be seen in both Eau Claire and on Center Street.

His gig poster artwork is usually a staple in downtown Vancouver, predominantly on the heavily postered Granville Street.


-In December of 2007, Milljour was reviewed by Thomas Roche of New York Eros Zine online magazine, after his first solo exhibition entitled "Inamorata". Roche described his artwork as "gorgeously goth-influenced".

-After being coupled with short story author Derek Cagemann for Murky Depths Magazine of Great Britain, Milljour received the following criticism by horror writer Daniel W. Powell: "This story, coupled with Nathaniel Milljour's haunting artwork, stands as an excellent allegory on how dangerous it can be to devalue our basic sense of shared humanity."

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super great! love your artworks, dear!
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He is very popular for his art work because he can offer the best and perfect art work for people across the globe. His style of art work is based on traditional matter and deck cards. He has the expertise in the fine art work. Before, I use to move for the art gallery to get the experience of art form that time I saw the Nathaniel Milljour arts fo.../...
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