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Lorne Szmek Art Gallery - Lorne Szmek Artworks

Lorne Szmek Art Gallery - Lorne Szmek Artworks

"Please view more images at https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/768839 A partial arcive of my work can be viwed at https://www.facebook.com/moonsnake53/ My name is Lorne Szmek and I have been living in the Vancouver area since 1973. I have been creating art ever since I was a small child and I have always had a vivid and elaborate imaginatio"

Lorne Szmek
Lorne Szmek
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Ode to Jackson Pollock

Fracked 4


Political Promises

COP 26: Hypocrisy, Spin, Greenwash, Blah, Blah, Blah

Petro Chemical Madness


Flight Or Fight

Eagles Cry No More Oil

Enbridge Line 3

Coastal Gaslink



Abstract Composition 25

Moses On Mount Sinai

System Crash

Abstract Composition 20 Wild Flowers

Abstract Composition 16 Lozenge

Abstract Composition 13 Greeny B

Abstract Composition 7 Cosmic Raven

Darkness 2bb

Apocalypse Now



A partial archive of my digital paintings and sculpural works can now be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/moonsnake53/
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 1Ko - 2018]


Peace Arch News

Creativity inspires new outlet for artist

Lorne Szmek used to be a machinist.That’s evident from the skill with which he uses power tools such as band saws and routers to make impressive wood, metal and shell sculptures that are strongly influenced by First Nations art.Szmek, whose work is on display through December at the Semiahmoo Library (1815 152 St.) also suffers from post-polio syndrome.It’s a condition that affects polio survivors years after they were first afflicted, leading to progressive muscle weakness and atrophy.“Around 75 per cent of those affected by the original polio outbreaks got post-polio syndrome 30 years later,” he said.“With me, I’m losing use of my legs and facial muscles.”The condition has made it increasingly difficult for Szmek to do work that calls for him to be on his feet for any length of time.But, as the current display shows, his creativity has found another outlet – paintings that are created 100 per cent digitally using Microsoft Paint software.Colourful abstract and semi abstract designs, and detailed representational works, such as paintings of sunflowers and the moon reflected in the waters off Mud Bay have been painstakingly built up, pixel by pixel, by Szmek.“I was retrained in computer science,” he explained.“I started fooling around with the Paint application, and I grew to really like it a lot.”It’s a difficult and time-consuming process, not unlike creating an etching or engraving, Szmek said.“I start with a blank, white screen and go from there. I usually have a composition in mind, whether it’s a shape or a subject.”Once each work has been finalized, Szmek takes the files to an art printing house that has a large Roland bubble jet printer, for transfer onto paper or canvas, which is then mounted on a stretcher-frame.One semi-abstract digital painting that Szmek is particularly proud of he calls Spirit Dance in the Forest.“It’s like a firelight shining through trees, with spirits dancing all around it,” he said.One of Szmek’s sculptures that has proven popular in the current exhibit – located just behind the information desk at the library is called Rhonda’s Orca. A stylized First Nations-style depiction of a whale, it employs machine-carved cedar planking inlaid with mild plate steel and aluminum, treated and routed to bring out colour and texture, plus cockleshells gathered from White Rock beach.“The aluminum catches lights from a million different angles,” Szmek said. “It will pick up different flecks of red.”The Rhonda of the title is Szmek’s wife. Of First Nations heritage herself, she provides a lot of inspiration for Szmek and his art, which he markets under the name Moonsnake Artworks.“I’m inspired by West Coast Native art, but I put an individual twist on it by using metals,” he said. “My mother-in-law is Frances Jackson, a famous artist of the Gitnmaxx people from around Hazelton, although she lives mostly in Prince Rupert.”One of the other materials Szmek likes using in his sculptural works is abalone shell, which is imported from Hawaii.“You can’t use B.C. abalone any more – there is isn’t enough of it,” he said.Born and raised in Prince George, Szmek didn’t have a formal art background – aside from taking Art 11 in high school – but has always felt he was an artist from the time he was drawing and painting little dioramas to enhance his childhood games.He moved to the Lower Mainland in 1973 and has lived mostly in the South Surrey-Langley area.Szmek said his art is continuing to evolve as he faces increasing physical challenges – and inevitably digital works are assuming a greater importance in his output, as his skills develop.“There is fatigue involved, but not as much of a physical fatigue as sculpting,” he said. “I’ve gone from painting abstracts to landscapes and florals – I’m currently working on a composition with carnations.”Szmek said there has been some prejudice against digitally created works in the art world, but this is being gradually broken down as digital artists organize and share ideas online.“People don’t see it as an art form yet – to this point most of it has been things like digitally-manipulated photographs – but it’s becoming more and more accepted.”

[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 6Ko - 2008]

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Lorne Szmek,Surrey resident, has won acceptance into the prestigious American Juried Art Salon's 2008 Spring-Summer show. The accepted work is titled "Evolution."  It is a digital pixel art print  and can be viewed at http://www.artjury.com/TotheGalleries.html

Click on 2008 Spring-Summer show.


The twice-a-year competition attracts entries from throughout the world. Jurists include well known college and university art professors in North America.

[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 2Ko - 2008]

Please view more images at 

A partial arcive of my work can be viwed at

My name is Lorne Szmek and I have
been living in the Vancouver area since 1973. I have been creating art ever
since I was a small child and I have always had a vivid and elaborate
imagination that I have tried to express and share through my artwork.

In the late 1980’s and early 90’s I
completed an apprenticeship as a machinist which started me thinking about
metal and other materials and how they could be used to make artwork.

During the late 90’s I developed a
physical handicap that required me to change careers and during the periods
between retraining I started to create metal and mixed media sculpture. My
favorite medium to work in is metal. I like to take a flat, dull, lifeless,
cold piece of sheet metal and try to bring it to life. I attempt to do this by
cutting, shaping, and expanding the flat metal into a three-dimensional shape
that expresses what I see as the inner tension and movement within the metal.
By polishing and texturing the surface I let the piece reflect and take on the
colour and ambience of its surroundings. In this way the piece can grow and
move and change throughout the day as the lighting changes and as the seasons
change. Most of my sculptures are made from a single sheet of mild steel that I
cut lines into and then expand and fold into the desired shape. In some pieces
I may combine one or more elements to create a whole sculpture but each element
is usually a complete sculptural piece in its own right.

But since 2002 I have had to turned
my attention to digital media to find an outlet for my creative spirit.

I make use of the MS Paint program
that comes as standard with all Windows operating systems. It is a difficult
tool to use because of its rudimentary tool set and low resolution but I find
that it produces the look that I am after. In my abstract creations I prefer
the stark minimalist quality that I can get from the application while it
delivers an impressionistic feel to my more formal images. These qualities are
more pronounced as the size of the print is increased.

The only formal art training I have
received was through the public school system and while most people would
consider this a disadvantage, I don’t. I have found that it has forced me to
develop my own unique style and technique. I have been able to look at the work
of artists from the past and present with a fresh perspective, unfiltered
through someone else’s preconceptions, and use some of their ideas to enhance
my own creations.

I think this is why I have
gravitated toward abstract impressionism as well. Although I can create the
illusion of realism following the rules of perspective, line, light and shadow
and colour in my graphite or pen and ink sketching and coloured pencil
compositions, I find freedom in abstraction.

My artwork usually starts from
instinct or inspiration and then I refine the piece through the process of
creation. The final result may have no resemblance to the original idea but it
has come straight from my heart never the less.








[Biography - Lorne Szmek - 5Ko]

Lorne Szmek's Guestbook

I like the shapes that you depicted) And the colors seem to mesmerize =)))
(Nila, 28 October 2019)
Great work on this. Truly amazing to see what you have to offer.
(Wendall, 14 March 2016)
Great colors
Hello you have used some great colors on this. I love the way you combined it all together.
(Ellie, 23 January 2016)
Hello great painting
Hello. How are you? Great painting if I do say so myself.
(Eva, 21 November 2015)
Work is great
Hello I am Rudy. I just wanted to say that you have done some great work here.
(Rudy A., 2 November 2015)
What nice work you have done. I love it.
(Deliah, 23 October 2015)
Interesting piece
This is a great and interesting piece. I love the colors and the shapes that are used in this.
(Holly Sue P., 9 October 2015)
I love your work a lot. I find that you are a great artist with some powerful talent. Keep up the hard work.
(Randy M., 6 October 2015)
Wants a print
I would love to have one of these prints. IT is colorful and bright and just cheers me up.
(Beau, 28 September 2015)
Colors I love
You have created a piece with some stunning colors that I just love! Amazing to me and all my friends love it as well!
(Tally, 27 September 2015)
I couldn't imagine that this bright autumn picture was created on computer! It seems to be depict by.../...

(Victoria, 29 October 2013)
The picture is full of color.
It represents all the beauty of the autumn, it's charm and brightness.
(Melinda, 29 October 2013)