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Levent Akayli Art Gallery - Levent Akayli Artworks

Levent Akayli Art Gallery - Levent Akayli Artworks

"LEVENT AKAYLI 1948 born in van - turkey. B etween 1966 - 1969 at D.G.S.A ( academy of fine arts istanbul ) he got his first professinal instructions about painting in Nurullah Berk's studio i n the next six years from 1971 to 1976 at D.G.S.A he studied graphic arts under prof. namik bayik u ntil 1983 he worked as a freelance graphic designer. a"

Levent Akayli
Levent Akayli
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dancers in training


woman at the floor




a group women

3 women

red deformations

yellow deformations

pas de deux

two ballerinas

ballet show


jazz musicians


woman sitting

a group nude

woman watching

street musician

jazz club


woman in red coat

dancer in break


1948 born in van - turkey. Between 1966 - 1969 at D.G.S.A                                                                  ( academy of fine arts istanbul )                                                                                                                              he got his first professinal instructions about painting in                                                                           Nurullah Berk's studio                                                                                                                                           in the next six years from 1971 to  1976  at  D.G.S.A                                                                                       he studied graphic arts under prof. namik bayik                                                                                   until 1983 he worked as a freelance graphic designer.

afterward aquarelle technique gained importance and the                                                                        world of ballet and the musicians became his favorite   themes.                                                                                                                                                                        in his drawings he tried to capture special moments of action.                                                                     in this period he created and performed his very personal                                                                     aquarelle style

in 1994 he started working in oils. His personal demand                                                                               of perfection and to refine this medium a new period started                                                                   even trough the figurative paintings imply a free brush                                                                                  a subtle transparent classical brush is ever present.

actualy the artist continues to working in germany


1964   turk - amerikan kultur der.  ankara - turkey.                                                                                  1982   forum sanat galerisi.  istanbul                                                                                                       1983   galeri B&M.  istanbul                                                                                                                               1884   ist. arkeoloji muzesi.  istanbul                                                                                                          1985   bizim kulup.  istanbul                                                                                                                           1985   buyukada sanat galerisi.  istanbul                                                                                                  1986   galata sanat galerisi.  istanbul                                                                                            1987   akbank sanat galerisi.  ankara                                                                                                    1988   galeri nev.     ankara                                                                                                                      1993   periferia kunstgalerie.   adenau - germany


1973   galeri veb ( graphic exhibition)    istanbul                                                              1977   AKM  sanat  galerisi ( art festival istanbul )                                                                1978   AKM  sanat galerisi  ( art festival istanbul )                                                                  1979   AKM  sanat galerisi  ( art festival istanbul )                                                                                    1986   anadolu kulubu     buyukada - istanbul                                                                                            1987   AKM  sanat galerisi  ( cuzzamla savas der. ) istanbul






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hi Levent, I like your works, are quite unique.. content, lighting, depth and all St...
hi Levent, I like your works, are quite unique.. content, lighting, depth and all Stephanie Roger
([From Guestbook], 7 July 2005)