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Kiddolucas Pallete Art Gallery - Kiddolucas Pallete Artworks

Kiddolucas Pallete Art Gallery - Kiddolucas Pallete Artworks

"A rare and profound artist..hardcore- strange creator..one who had totally abandoned all his traditional path..now embracing in his self-developed style ' TRANCE HYPNOTIC abstract '..and ' TRANCEMARE abstract ' Kiddolucaslee - believes the Power of Trance can do the extreme..breaking through the ultimate..to travel in a tedious journey..such method"

Kiddolucas Pallete
Kiddolucas Pallete
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The Masked Hopper * 2020

The Ant Lost Its Head * 2020 Kiddolucaslee

Waves of Moses High Order * 2020

Smoked Renaissance * 2020 Kiddolucaslee

The Great Perception Valley * 2020 Kiddolucaslee

Too Close To Death * 2019

Two Arrows For a Soul * 2019 Kiddolucaslee

Señor de la Tierra - Earthlord * 2019 Kiddolucaslee

Ancient City of Yinyang *2019 Kiddolucaslee

Qin Dynasty Concubine * 2019





The Palette will build one s Dreams...the Colors breathe LIFE into the
Artist s Dreams
..thus this Palette of many Dreams inspired and told many Unforgetable
stories...favorite of favorites images & visions...to be TREASURED
Kiddolucaslee shares his Palette & colors with those who ve Dreams...
Visions...intuitive projections & Prophesies..& Revelations

Be ONE Heart with his Palette of Many Dreams....your Stories will
remain in this Gallery of Life


A daring artist handles most medium well..techniques & style vary


...specializes in custom & Mural art..born with versatility in Art - expression


The Years of skill enabled him to build the "Dream Art" of potential clienteles

His works are in a number of important private & Corporate collections

His hand is ready to shape the Art that reflects INDIVIDUALITY Taste


Now..a Worldwide Signatured Artist

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Contact : blueleaf333@yahoo.co.uk
Phone : +6 0 1 6  514 8618
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[Biography - Kiddolucas Pallete - 3Ko]

A rare and profound artist...hardcore- strange creator...one who had totally abandoned all his traditional path...now embracing in his self-developed style ' TRANCE HYPNOTIC abstract '...and ' TRANCEMARE abstract '

Kiddolucaslee - believes the Power of Trance can do the extreme...breaking through the ultimate..to travel in a tedious journey...such method will create high imaginaries which will surpass talent and physical knowledge

A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy....this is called the ' Trancemare State '

To travel..to enter into another realm to find the Beauty of Colors...Pallete of Trance shall be established in this World of Unseen

Breathlessly Traditionalists struggling to adapt in such New Environment...but the Intuitionists and the Seers shall be strenghtened and enpowered by the Beauty of this NEW EARTH

Walk thru' it..& you shall find out the Reality & the Force of the TRANCE

You re seeing Flamable Colors melting and dripping....frozen colors start to melt too
You got to see them fast before the Great Arts are all melt- away

'TRANCE ABSTRACT' creator - Kiddolucaslee....a brilliant colorist had built his many visions with amazing waves of colors...strenghtened by layers of depth of unknown zones....this spectacular lifecolors and forms draw you into a Trance of Estacy
...your mind..heart..soul...and body will melt together with the amazing colors
The Arts will remained deep in your soul

[Biography - Kiddolucas Pallete - 3Ko]

Kiddolucaslee - An Asia Born Artist keeps Good Advertising Portfolio...in Designing & Illustrating

He has worked with some of the Finest American & Australian High Profile Creative Groups

Brainstorming in Themepark designing..moulding huge figurines & creatures

Mural Conceptualising were his Mastery

An Artist of versatility in medium..technique..& themeing

Many Worldwide Websites are keen & actively displaying Kiddolucaslee Arts

Today he is known as ' Worldwidewatch Artist'...' Gold Portfolio Artist '...& ' ArtMaster for Next New Universal Generation'

Kiddolucaslee had taught art in several Prestiges Art Colleges

Send him your Goodwill message - blueleaf333@yahoo.co.uk

*Serious Contract Offer..& Commission are WELCOME
[Biography - Kiddolucas Pallete - 2Ko]