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Eva Kudukhashvili Art Gallery - Eva Kudukhashvili Artworks

Eva Kudukhashvili Art Gallery - Eva Kudukhashvili Artworks

"Biography of Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili Eva Elizarova Kuduxashvili has her direction in painting. It is kosmoekspressionizm Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili - a member of several art associations, including:1994-INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTSCERTIFICATE # 3185. 1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia. 1995-Professional Union of Artists of Rus"


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 Cosmo Expressionizm.
My style of art in person at the painting I named as Cosmo Expressionism.
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Biography of Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili
Eva Elizarova Kuduxashvili has her direction in painting. It is kosmoekspressionizm
Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili - a member of several art associations, including:1994-INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTSCERTIFICATE # 3185. 
1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

1987- Youth Union of Artists of Georgia.

2001- Artists' Union of Georgia.

2004 - Professional Union of Artists of Russia
.Certificate # 404001.
Rating Category 2-B.
1958 -, Eva went to the Georgian language schools,
his native village of Tsitelubani
1962 - he went to high school nearby village Shavshvebi,
she graduated with honors in 1968.

1969 - he entered the preparatory courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Georgia.
In 1979 - after several unsuccessful attempts to enter the Academy (on the basis of entrance examinations, which she handed over several years, she has always lacked one or two points), Eva turned to complain to the ministry of culture. At a meeting with the Minister, she stated that she become a student of the Academy does not interfere with the lack of points, but the lack of money or, in other words, its refusal to pay a bribe examiners.
The response to her complaint was the order of the Ministry of enrollment in its
fourth year.
1979 enrolled in the fourth year of the Art Department at the School of painting. Nikoladze.
1981 - a diploma under the guidance of Rusiko Kiknadze School, Nikoladze in Tbilisi.
1981 entered the Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi at the Department of Cinema.
workshop Takaishvili.
1984- from the Department of Cinema has moved to the Faculty of Painting.
Edmond Kalandadze in the studio.
1987 - a diploma under the guidance of an outstanding artist Edmond Kalandadze;
1985-1989 - collaboration with different government art salons.
participates in various exhibitions in Tbilisi.
1989-1990 Georgian-Austrian agreement by "ART-DARBA" (based Nico Kekelidze);
1990 - collaboration with Art by " PIROSMANI". Tbilisi.
1991 - goes to live in Moscow
. collaborates in different galleries.
1991-1993 near Soviet artists selling their paintings on the Old Arbat.Moskow.
1991-1992 collaboration with art galleries " OLGA ART" Moscow.
1992-1993 Cooperation with the gallery " LEV. A. BRUK ART GALLERY" Moscow;
1993 - Joint exhibition in " ART GALLERY VILGA" Sofia Bulgaria;
1993 - collaboration with " ART GALLERY EVA" Berlin Germany;
1994- first solo exhibition at Gallery Ossetian " IR-ART". Other central house of artists. Moscow.
1995-1996 - Agreement with " JACKSONS AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS OF ANTIQUES & FINE ART" in the U.S.
1995 - personal exhibition - «BRIGHTER SHADES OF RED» «LOVE AND LIFE BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN» - United States.
1995 solo exhibition " KAVANAUGH ART GALLERY", des Moines, Iowa, USA.
1995 solo exhibition. " HENRY W. & MARTLI GIFTS GALLERY", Cedar Falls, Iowa.US.
1995 - solo exhibition. " UMEROV GALLERY", Minneapolis, Minnesota. U.S.
1995 -a " ECOSREDA GALLERY" participates in the exhibition << MASTERS OF WORLD ARTS >>Sofia Bulgaria.
1995- involved " ISTANBUL ART FAIR". Turkey.
1995 - Eva's paintings and biography included in the catalog " ISTANBUL ART FAIR ", published in Istanbul, Turkey;
1997 - paintings and a biography of Eva are included in the catalog of the Russian "Names in Art", Moscow.
1997 - Solo exhibition in gallery Ossetian " IR-ART" other central house of artists. Moscow.
1997 - three solo exhibition titled "COUNTRY - DREAMS" held at the Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1997 - published in the catalog of pictures of Eva
1997 - participated took place in Moscow International Festival of the Arts " HUMAN BEING-97"; one canvas is included in kataloge.Moskow.
1998 -participated in the exhibition " EUROART '98". Barcelona. Spain.
1998 - one canvas and a biography of Eva included in the published catalog the works of modern artists of the world; " EVROART" 98. Barselona.SpaIn.
1998- Solo exhibition «EVA'S DREAM'S» Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1999- participate at the exhibition, film festival " HONFLEUR 6 FESTIVAL CANNE" France.
1999 - participate in the exhibition "ARTISTS AND ART MANAGER". Other central house of artists. Moscow;
1999-Programm - Galerie Natalia Offermanns
1999 - solo exhibition in the gallery "BAUHAUS GALLERY" Maynhayme. Germany;

2000- in the book "Who's Who" modern Georgian art. Including biographies of Eve.
2000 - Solo exhibition "WANDERUNG 1" Gallery " ART GALLERY N.PANTCHENKO" Maynhaym. Germany.
2001 - Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall in Moscow "PIROSMANI" restaurant (owned by Tornike Kopaleishvili)
2002 – participated in a springtime exhibition at the" Knights Club" in Moscow;
2004 - directed by Alexander Mitta takes three canvas Eve in his Film "SWAN'S PARADISE".Russia.
2005 - returned to his homeland - in Georgia;
2005 - Eva's paintings at the exhibition, the conference was held in Batumi, with President Mikheil Saakashvili, the Georgian-Ossetian relations, Georgia.
2005 - Solo exhibition "Big Star" in the salon of artists at the prospect Rustaveli.Tbilisi.
2006 - Participate exhibition "WORLD FINE ART" New York U.S.
2006-2007 - Collaborating with "LEO ART GALLERY". U.S.
2006 - Solo exhibition "Caucasus House" in Tbilisi;
2006 - Participate exhibition at the National University in Tbilisi;
2006-2007 - Collaborating with the gallery " LEO ART GALLERY"; U.S.
2007 - Solo exhibition at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.
2007 - Solo exhibition in Georgian Embassy in London. England.
2007 - Participate in the exhibition, organized by the "Horizon", Tbilisi.
2007-2011 - Agreement with "LEO ART" gallery.U.S.
2005-2011 - Published a series of television programs on art of Eve;
2009 - One of her canvas participates in the "Auction Leonid Shishkin Gallery:|" and is included in the catalog, "Russian Classics XX Century";
2010 - illustrated book Naira Bepieva "Ossetian folklore". Tbilisi.
2010 – illustrated a book ‘Ossetian proverbs’ by Nino Popiashvili;
2011 - solo exhibition in his native village Tsitelubani
2016-IN3 - Exhibition in New York City - Jimmy Clark - Fine Art Blog
2011-2015-collaborates with art,, Climbing "

Eva Kudukhashvili
2016- member Associates | Jewish Art Salon
2016-member www.artguild.club

2016-Participate in projeqt,, TIESS THE INNER EYE STUDIO SANTINIKETAN "
The Netherlands I France I India 
2016-solo exhibited in the <<THE NEW YORK ART CONNECTION >> USA
2017- has opened its art gallery ,,Eva"s Cosmo Expressia",Georgia,Tbilisi
2017-personal exhibited in the ,,SFUMATO GALLERY" Tbilisi,Georgia

2017- Eva is a member of  International Business Advisory Council (IBAC)

[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 9Ko]


Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili Eva's Biography
I am Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili,Creative artist an painter.I was born in Gori, about in the willage Tsitelubani,Georgia.
Tsitelubani is located in the lowlands and there are high mountains and rocks around,it is at an altitude of 720 metres.the air is freshand the nature is beautiful.the colours of my village and warm relations among people were my inspriration from my childhood.I love Georgia not only becouse it is my homeland but becouse it is a wonderful Country,it is like paradise and full of positive energy.
The surrounding influences a painter to greate great works.
My sister Vera was eight year older,than me and my sister Meri,Vera painted from childhood,my younger sister Meri and I were always with her and we also painted.I remember myself setting on my knees at the table and painting when suddenly the sun come into the room and made the room light,my own shadow appeared in the room that is going with the sun and i was painting quickly not to miss it.
I was so involved in painting that I couldn't notice anything around me,I preferred painting,than to playing children outdoor.
Vera taught us making sketches ,how to mix colored pencils and watercolor paints.
Before sleep my mother told us interesting fairy-tales,based on these fairy tales I created new charaqters and illustrations in my mind.everyone praised my paintings in the family,
This raised confidence in me that one day I would be a painter.
At school my marks were excellent,,in my free time I was making sketches at school and not one was surprised,in my paintings,I always tried to express kindness and beauty,I didn'tlike caricatures.I read literature a lot and even myself wrote poetries.
I am still writing diary ,and my wish is to publishe everithing in one book.
I liked to attend exhibitions,I appreciate the paintings of Edmond Kalandadze,Van Gogh and Gogen,I am never tired of reading Van Gogh's letters again and again
I graduatedfrom Tbilisi State Academy of Art faculty of painting.my teacher Mr Edmond Kalandaze highly assessed my paintings,I am working hard ,I create oil paintings,I like mixsing colours while at the desired colour,this gives me pleasure.
My painting my inside nature ,where i live.breathe and where I am the happyest person,I always share this happiness to others.it is a wonderful world,my paintings are possitive sonorous,they brighten like diamond and make impression of wetness,there is musik,romance,figures are sociable.
The exhibition of my paintings is a great holiday for me ,Iam always happy when people can't help expressing their emotions when they see my paintings ,they cry,ask me questions and I alveys answer them with pleasure.they become myfriends,but people who bue my paintings become my close relatives.
life is short,but Art is everlasting.
I have devited my life to my creative .
I have been painting since childhoodand I am sure Iam born for it.every individual is coming to the world for carryng out his/her mission.
Redraw or repaint can do anybody but creation of Art is a reward to a painter.
I have created my own movement in Art ,that i called it ,,Cosmo Expressia"
It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes.
I myself make priming for cardboard and canvas,for durable conservation.
I was had a lot of exhibitions where i have sold a lot of paintings .

When my teacher-.. Mr Kalandadze saw my exhibition catalogue,he said ,-,,if you lived in a normal country,your one painting would be sold in million dollars prices Eva"

[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 5Ko]

   My paintings are my soul' s universe.Their unaccustomed coloursand 'nonclassical'forms,and combinations of shadesopen to those who look at them the world such as i see poetig,romantig,delightfulit and suffused with optimism.while painting,i am happy andoverwhelmedwith joy thet iwholeheartedly try to share withviewers.their words of gratitude and admiration are the best reward for any artist.my paintings are my beloved children who bring to the World my joy and love.

 Eva Kudukhashvili was born in the small village Tsitelubani,Georgia in 1951. In 1987 she graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi,under the tutelage of Edmund Kalandadze.eva's personality is completely possessed by painting.And although she is an accomplished poet,painting is realy what she lives for.from the time she remembers she was painting,so,she has never questioned herself as to what to do in this life.Her destiny was obvious. at the age of seventeen she knew that she was an artist.Living in communist Georgia,the decision to enter the most respected and difficult Art Academy in Georgia seemed  to be the only possible way to start her career,a she studied there, wich could lead Eva to her dream of sharing her paintings with the world,Eva had a dream that creatifity and absolute relianse on intuition in daily blife.For fourteen years Eva  was unsuccessful in entering the Academy of Art in Tbilisi,the capital of Georgia. when she finally understood the real reasons for her failure-the absence of a powerful patron and/or not having the means to bribe her way in (as was common throughout the Communist Academia),Eva gtook a bold step in a country known for severe retrubution for those who try and force the system and went directly to the minister of Culture in Georgia asking for Help.Suprisingly,he helped.and, in fact, sent Eva to Art College,where after two years she graduated with the red Diploma,giving Eva the right to enter the Academy of art in Tbilisi,Eva's only real chance of fulfilling her dream.But there again was a new struggle.The struggle to paint in her own way.and it wasn't untilher third year of study that she meet a teacher,Edmund Kalandadze,who would be first to understand her paintings and her genius.

the existense of a talent so innately given to e person as exibited in Eva's work,supported his own contention that genius is the gift of berth.Eva's works are not jast a series of abstract exercises far from human involvement,but are taken from her personal life-experiense. 


     Natasha Yodonceva.
    Eva Elizarova-Kudukhashvili - Honored Artist of Russia

Once a gallery owner told me the Central House of Arts was hosting an exhibition of paintings by a wonderful artist from Georgia Eva Elizarova-Kudukhashvili. Appreciating everything that''s new and talented, I went to the House to see the exhibition. As I was going up to the third floor I felt agitated. I turned my head to where I knew the paintings were exhibited and was flooded with sunshine, a million bright colors. The sunlight and the colors are so abundant that one cannot help feeling embarrassment in the first moments of looking at the works. Though I''d seen handiwork of many various artists, it took me some time to come to my senses after I''d given the paintings the first look. As I was gazing at them, I realized I could hear a lively, rhythmical music, with trumpets playing and light flooding from projectors. Beethoven''s ninth symphony. The march from Verdi''s opera Aida". The opulent colors and flood of energy took me back to my childhood, the world of joyful and sunny reminiscences. Some time had passed before I started seeing a skilful composition, a well-thought-out and logical solution behind the brightness and daring combinations of colors. The perfect line does not simply contour a form (a woman''s figure, a silhouette of two horses), it is the basis of a composition structure. What a divine line it is, so much like a bow-string ringing with tension. This is where the original idea of a painting lies, this is what expresses its mood, movement, dynamics. Here''s a baby climbing over its mother''s back, you can feel the movement. Another painting shows two horses standing side by side. Once you give the pair a close look, you''ll see that one of them has no forelegs, but somehow it does not surprise you, the composition is what it should be, evincing the thorough mastery of the author. A comparison can be made with a portrait of A. Pavlova by the recognized classic of drawing Valentin Serov: the woman is shown half-turned, her left hand is barely outlined, but you never suspect it to be missing.
Eva''s compositions seem simple, but behind this simplicity is a profound logic and clarity of composition thinking. Something that Chekhov said about literature now occurs to me: Conciseness (i.e. clarity) is the sister of talent". This is applicable to painting too: avoid redundancy of words and movements, otherwise the idea of your painting will get lost behind the confusion of numerous lines, the chaos of manifold colors. It''s not a line for a line''s sake, or a color for a color''s sake, these components of a painting should be committed to some idea. So, behind the simplicity and clarity of Eva''s works is deep knowledge that she gained when a student of the Georgian Academy of Arts and from her great teacher Edmond Kalandadze. These are results she has achieved through endless work and good senses of humor and taste. Eva believes one does not have to adhere strictly to one particular style (her style is cosmo-expressionism) and should be ready to adopt other styles too, provided it''s done ably. Behind each painting is a hard labor of preparations, a great many graphic sketches performed in a mixed technique, the best of which becomes the framework of an oil painting. Though, each of Eva''s sketches is noteworthy. Her works are a phenomenon, as they comprise the three elements that are mandatory for creating a painting expertly: they have the perfect outline that forms the right composition solution and the color spectrum that is fully in line with the idea of a painting. The three components make a single whole in Eva''s paintings, looking at which you can never say who she is in the long run - a graphic artist or a painter.
I''d like to note something that a novice needs to know: it''s not important what style you resort to, it''s all about choosing an image, when details become absolutely irrelevant, the idea takes a clear shape and the understanding comes of what colors should be used. Unfortunately, many artists lack the image thinking, which is why their works, irrespective of the format, are frequently only sketchy. Many artists are fond of fancy combinations of colors, their paintings, though they are not bad on the whole, do not impress with the fullness of an image that will linger in memory. As for Eva''s works, they are a fine example of what expertly done paintings should be.

    Grigory Klimovitsky
    Head Full Of Sun
It''s well-known that art is born from abundance. Abundance of Love, Energy, Gift of Self-expression. This abundance is what Nature has lavished generously on Eva Kudukhashvili. She couldn''t have failed to become an artist. She heard the voice of her Destiny when still a child. This is what the artist herself says: I believe that a human comes to this world more than once and feels, and sometimes knows, who he or she is and what he''s come for. I knew from my early childhood that I''d be an artist". This unwavering faith in her own self, in her artistic originality helped her - at the time she was a student at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi - escape the Procrustean bed" of the austere academic canons. Her indubitable talent, vigorous artistic temperament, firm character and independence of opinions attracted attention of the famous artist and tactful teacher E. Kalandadze. Eva is grateful to the man for his contribution to her becoming an artist.
Eva Kudukhashvili''s art amazes you with its vivid images, colors, of which she has full command, its poesy and musicality. In her landscapes, houses and trees overlap, clash in a spasmodic rhythm, while colors are blazing in vehement whirlwinds of pasty dabs. The color and dynamics of the salient dab, which is never the same in form and texture, are always adequate to the emotional state of the artist striving to convey the vitality and wealth of Nature''s colors. Kudukhashvili''s canvasses that blaze with vivid cinnabar, ultramarine, canary and bright green colors are bewitching, creating a powerful center of attraction in any exposition hall. The yellow color - her favorite - symbolizes the vivifying energy of the sun.
Van Gogh''s words Life should be sought for in colors" form the keynote of Eva Kudukhashvili''s art. It is from the traditions of Van Gogh and Gaugen''s art that her creative paradigm stems.
There''s another facet to Eva Kudukhashvili''s outstanding artistic gift - drawing. The Dionisean vehemence of her paintings is replaced here with an Appolonic orderliness and contemplation. The harmonic balance of the black and white, expressiveness of silhouettes and preciseness of contours won''t leave you indifferent and linger in your memory for a long time.
Her hyperemotional perception of the world suggests new ways of seeing the reality. I''m certain Eva Kudukhashvili - just like the artist from Balsac''s novel The Unknown Masterpiece - is yet to make new artistic discoveries.


[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 11Ko]

I am Eva Elizarova-Khukhashvili, painter. I was born in in Gori, in the village Tsitelubani, Georgia. I graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts faculty of painting . I have created my own movement in art, that is called Cosmo Expressionism. It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes. Life is short but art is everlasting. I have devoted my life to painting, I have been painting since childhood, and I am sure I am born for it, every individual is coming to the world for carrying out his/her mission.
Redraw or repaint can do anybody but creation of art is a reward to a painter.
[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 2Ko]

Focus (Enfocate).

We would like introduce an outstanding emerging artist with a very unique and strong expressionistic style. Her name is Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili, from Tibilisi, Georgia. Eva's expressionistic style and her sensitivity to creative expressions contains breath taking graphic imaginary and real live images filled with; intensive hues, color variations combined with chiaroscuro unlike seen before. Her style is "unica", that deserves to be noticed among modern artist of our time. So step aside Van Gogh and leave room for our living artist the space and time to persevere in this complex society. Congratulations Eva on producing endlessly your work of arts...
From: Aristudioart Gallery Collections.
[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 2Ko]

Eva Eleazar Kudu(Khukhashvili) is well-known artist who has based COSMO EXPRESSIONISM.
[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 1Ko]

My painting is a miracle and I have called this miracle GOSMIC EKSPRESS . in my paintings you can find life compositions, what I see and feel, each painting has its owns history. great energy, beauty, air, wetness, colour brightness, movement, sounds,pureness of mastekhin, mixing colours. my former painters did not have these emotions and and creative talant which I have been rewarded by nature. I have fully devoted my life to my painting.
[Biography - Eva Kudukhashvili - 1Ko]

  - Я живопись. Eva Kudukhashvili's Page
Здравствуйте!!! Я живопись. Иногда думаю,что я- это живопись, я не человек,я творение бога как яркая живопись,поскольку я родилась: красноволосой, каштановые брови, сине - зеленые глаза и белая кожа с веснушками, с Арийской, Скифской, Евреиской кровью, наполненая Грузинской добротой и солнцем. Я очень яркая и в живописи наверное потому люблю яркие ...
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  - MY COSMOEXPRESSIONIZM Eva Kudukhashvili's Page
Grigori Klimovicki Известно, что искусство рождается от избыточности: Любви, Энергии, Таланта самовыражения. Природа щедро одарила этой избыточностью Эву Кудухашвили. Не стать художником она не могла. Голос своей Судьбы она услышала еще в детстве. Дадим слово самому художнику: «Верю, что человек приходит в этот мир не один раз и чувствует, а иногда...
[Page - Eva Kudukhashvili - 2Ko - 2015]

Eva Kudukhashvili's Guestbook

your works are so bright, thank you so much!
(Mila, 15 January 2016)
This is astonishing work. I am proud of you for this.
(Emilee, 16 December 2015)