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Alexander Bezrodnykh Art Gallery - Alexander Bezrodnykh Artworks

Alexander Bezrodnykh Art Gallery - Alexander Bezrodnykh Artworks

"книга. живопись.мои работы https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/348888302390440925/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q98MfHPuZ_q0r3PFBgQ0XnfLedvl2i6H/view https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/348888302390440925/"

 Alexander Bezrodnykh
chronology Bezrodnykh Alexander -artist from St.-Petersburg.
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книга. живопись.мои работы  https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/348888302390440925/


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2006-1.jpg 2006-2.jpg worked in the city Tczew ..
Exhibition in the city Pruszcz-Gdansk, Poland
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2000.jpg 20002.jpgMy work in the church godod Loeb. Poland.
way of Christ.
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Bezrodnykh Alexander -artist from St.-Petersburg.
The artist works in different styles of oil painting; and also makes to order copies classical painting(dutch still life, impressionism), on professions artist - wall painting , that is to say specialist on wall painting : mosaic , graffito , stained-glass window , fresco , painting temper paints on a wall.
Has ended Chelyabinsk Art College: 1976-1980years.
Has ended the St.-Petersburg Academy Art’s: 1983-1988 years .
Since 1988 "Manege" participated at exhibitions of Union of the Artists, also in the Central Exhibition Hall.
Many works are sold and are in private assemblies "galleries": in Finland , Sveden ,Germany, Spain ,Portugal, Japan , Poland , Jugoslavia , Poland , Chech .
Has executed a mosaic of 200 square meters in 1989: side of a wall Houses of Children's Creativity.
In 1990 temper painting of 345 square meters in children's hospital. In 1994 took part in a list of a cathedral, half cupolas radius R-7m; height H-7m. City Chernovcy ; western Ukraine.
In 1999 has executed 14 picturesque works, size :60x80см" road’s Christ " for church ; city Leba , Poland.
Participated in plain air:
1998-2004- city Leba , Poland.
1999-2003-Smoldzino , Poland.
2001-2003-Great Ustjug, north of Russia.
2004-personal exhibition in Prusch-Gdaniskiy(3 may-16 may), Poland; participated in exhibition "International Art in Vessenshaftpark"(14 may-27 august),Germany.
2004-Great Ustjug, north of Russia.
2005-Inta,under arctic Ural
June 2006 -personal exhibition in Prusch-Gdaniskiy, Poland; participated in exhibition
2006-June Plener and exhibition June-July city Tchev. Poland
2006-the exhibition September city Warsaw. Poland
20.3-20.4/ 2008- personal exhibition city Sestroreck-suburb SAINT PETERSBURG.Russia
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  - 2006-выставка сентябрь город Варшава. Польша 20.3-20.4 / 2008- персональная выставка город Сестрорецк-пригород САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Россия 2016-15.01.2017 конкурс от ЯМАНАГОЛД http://www.passiontoperform.ca/ попал в шорт-лист
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  - 2016 году попал в шорт лист в конкурсе Passion To Perform картина February. winter 75х100 см http://www.passiontoperform.ca/ http://www.passiontoperform.ca/
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  - d Безродных Александр Николаевич - художник из Санкт-Петербурга. Работает в разных стилях масляной живописи ,а также делает на заказ копии классической живописи (голандский натюрморт, импрессионизм). По профессии художник-монументалист ,то есть специалист по настенной живописи:мозаика ,сграффито ,витраж ,фреска , роспись темперными красками на стен...
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booklet Paiting's Festival 1999 y. Poland.Leba.Hotel Vodnik 9- 11 page 9-10s1999.jpg booklet Paiting's Festival 1999 y. Poland.Leba.Hotel Vodnik 9 -11 pageм 11s1999.jpg
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