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Alain Benedetto Art Gallery - Alain Benedetto Artworks

Alain Benedetto Art Gallery - Alain Benedetto Artworks

Alain Benedetto
Alain Benedetto
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to port from nice at some time


nice old at some time The stairs of the chateau

the garlaban

Nice at some time " the jetty walking "

creeks of blackcurrant

nice old street holy clear

nice at some time marina riba d'au miejour

the jetty walk NICE

NICE the jetty walking


The Sheep as

ANTIBES at some time

nice old the washtub st clear

to the cape of NICE at some time

canes once suquet

Olive Trees from Provence

nice at some time the way of the lantern

lavender in provence

Cock and Hens

basket from cherries overthrown

the pastrouil

pine up in Provence

Lavender Field


  - ALAIN BENEDETTO ARTISTE PEINTRE CERAMISTE NICOIS ne en 1946 a Nice paysagiste figuratif specialisé dans la reconstitution de sites du comté de Nice de jadis ,ruelles du vieux Nice,vieux quartiers retraçant la vie des niçois au temps jadis. egalement ...
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