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Trsor Cath Art Gallery - Trsor Cath Artworks

Trsor Cath Art Gallery - Trsor Cath Artworks

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Hi All. My fractals videos HD on my Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/trsor7 . See their videos on youtube FULL SIZE and give me your comment, please !
Trsor Cath Bisou Langue tirée

Hi all,

I just give you the opportunity to discover all my video creations. These works are made from fractals I create. Here is the link:
[Announcement - Trsor Cath - 2Ko - 2011]

Wish to see discovering fractales in videos? 
Then settle down comfortably and be allowed take by their beauty.
[Announcement - Trsor Cath - 1Ko - 2011]


My artistic research is multidisciplinary (Mosaic Art, Graphic Design, Writing, Painting, ect ..). By cons, over its various self-directed learning, two links were finally imposed.
Color, and balance. Infograf my creations are always punctuated by shades délicats, future topics, and a clean architecture. View them you'll feel like you are in
a room straight out of the future, or others, you make me what you think, laugh.

As for fractals, I would say that if you have the good fortune to fall in, you can not do without. Fractals are actually equations that give the images. Everywhere we use them, and yes ...
They have their world, their fans, their theories, in short, happiness assured. If you like the geometry, then you'll love your turn!

  Same any artist, I have research to share the emotion of my work, give you, not even a minute of pure happiness.
If, by chance, you buy me a work, then I would be happy , more happy than the artist of the world.
In short, I am at your disposal, for answer to your questions or any requests.

At very fast in this gallery

Cath Trsor


[Biography - Trsor Cath - 4Ko]

  - De vous à moi..... Document Page de Trsor Cath
referencement google - fabricant aquarium - boxer fantaisie - parquet chêne
[Page - Trsor Cath - 1Ko - 2014]

  - Tsor Cath, 1 artiste athypique et pluri-disciplinaire. Document Page de Trsor Cath
La passion des couleurs, sa sensibilité, ses mondes parallèles.Venez découvrir son univers mystérieux et coloré. Dans cette galerie, l'espace est redistribué à l'infini, rien ne s'arrête jamais vraiment. referencement gratuit - fabricant aquarium - boxer fantaisie - parquet chêne
[Page - Trsor Cath - 2Ko - 2011]

Artworks Styles : Computer Graphics - Fractal - Surrealismo
Artworks Topics : Abstract - Abstraction Symbolic
Artworks Media : Abstract
Prices : 00 To 50 Usd