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Louis-François Alarie Art Gallery - Louis-François Alarie Artworks

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Louis-Francois Alarie's biography

I’m born on october 27th 1980 in Shawinigan, Québec.  

The first contest I won is related to drawing.  At 5, I drew the logo for t-shirts of Shawinigan’s playschool Le Pipeau.

At 12, I began to play guitar.  I did concerts in Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke, the towns where I lived.

I received an honorific mention for poems at a litterature contest organised during Trois-Rivières’ international festival of poetry.  I was 19.

I studied psychology.

I did auditions for Star Academie in 2003.  I improvised the song's last notes while holding the guitar behind my head and ended playing with my teeth.  The show was presented on television.  An interview was published in the 7 jours magazine.

I began a master degree in gerontology in 2003.  My researches were about diminution of sleep quality in older population.  I described the obsolescence of brain using physic laws and explained it as an alterations of conductor’s surface.  I concluded lifeforms optimize resonance between magnetic fields and discovered how life is related to Earth's magnetic fields.

These works were not considered scientific for they were based on the unproven idea that life proportions are related to golden mean.  I was excluded from University.

I became financial consellor.

I had a big car accident and broke my back in 2006.

While healing, I learned to draw and paint.

I mostly did nudes and portraits.

Two paintings from me were bought by canadian government in 2008 to illustrate wishing cards published at 24 000 exemplaries, in french and english.

My artworks were sold in Canada, USA, England, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Peru.


Louis-Francois Alarie

(July 2014)

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  - Biographie de Louis-François Alarie Je suis né le 27 octobre 1980 à Shawinigan, Québec. Le premier concours que j’ai remporté est lié au dessin. âgé de 5 ans, j’ai dessiné l’illustration des t-shirts de la garderie Le Pipeau de Shawinigan. à 12 ans, j’ai commencé à jouer de la guitare. J’ai donné des concerts bien reçus à Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières...
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  - L'illusion théâtrale
L'illusion théâtrale     J'ai contemplé, ce soir, la moderne Vénus, Nappée de l'aura du Théâtre du Quetzal, Versant des strophes, qui firent frémir la salle, Avec la ferveur intense d'un orémus.   Son pur profil galbé d'Italienne s'isole, Dans l'inve...
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Le sculpteur Comment naîtra l'artifice de la légende Dorée que ses yeux bleus exaspérés commandent ? D'abord, l'artiste expert doit savoir aiguiser La pointe du crayon qui tracera les traits D'un visage encore inconnu et ciseler, Dans le matériau, un...
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Artworks Styles : Modern - Personal - Realism
Artworks Media : Charcoal - Drawing - Graphite - Impression - Oil - Oil In Canvas