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Louis-François Alarie Art Gallery - Louis-François Alarie Artworks

Louis-François Alarie Art Gallery - Louis-François Alarie Artworks

"Last month, this site received more than 10 000 visits with an average of 374 visitors per day. These visitors came from 48 countries. These stats create a big effect on me. I stay awaken at night, asking myself how I will be able to package 374 artworks if tomorrow all my visitors become buyers. I did something like 4000 artworks since 2006. There"


Last month, this site received more than 10 000 visits with an average of 374 visitors per day.  These visitors came from 48 countries.  These stats create a big effect on me.  I stay awaken at night, asking myself how I will be able to package 374 artworks if tomorrow all my visitors become buyers.  I did something like 4000 artworks since 2006.  There's a bit more than 2000 unsold.  If I sell 300 per day, quite quickly, I will not be able to offer an artwork for everybody who is asking one.  I will auction the artworks on eBay.ca and I will spend my days to say I am sorry to not be able anymore to sell my artworks for less than a restaurant bill.  Will that happen ?  I really work hard for that !

I think that 4 things mostly contribute to raise the price of an artwork.

The first is the celebrity of the painter.  My artworks were sold in Canada, USA, England, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Portugal, China, France and Russia.  My site is visited in 48 countries by an average of 374 visitors per day.

The second quality is the easiness to recognize an artwork as original and authentic.  All my artworks are scanned, top and back, signed reproductions as well.  I write the dimensions, the medium used, the date of the creation and also the order of the artworks in the creation process, the color of the paper if it is not white, the name of the buyer, the date of the sale, the address of the buyer, his email address, the price of the artwork and the price of the shipping cost.  If the item is sold on eBay.ca, I write the identification number of the transaction and I also write it when the artwork is not sold on eBay.ca.  I offer a certificate of authenticity (COA) that is a warranty this artwork will be recognized as authentic in the future.  I have never sold an artwork without these datas and if I cannot record them, I do not sign the artwork.  By the way, I never sign autographs.

The third thing that contribute to raise the price of an artwork is the technique.  I studied restauration of antique artworks, so I know how to create artworks that will last.  The drawings and the paintings can last for centuries or even more.  I suggest to frame under glass my artworks made on paper to prevent dirt from dust and pollution.  If you don't have enough space to hang all the artworks on walls, store them in plastic sheets in binders.  I create artworks that are 8.5"x11" or 8"x10" for they cost less to store, package, weight few and are easily sold everywhere in the world because these dimensions are the most commonly used worldwide and frames are the most affordable.

The fourth thing, very important, which gives value to an artwork is the composition.  You can create artworks with a stunning technique and superb colors but if composition is not good, you will never be a master.  There's rules generally admitted but I would state shortly that an artwork with good composition will always look better once framed.  When an artwork looks better without frame, it is because composition is deficient.  The composition is more important than technique or color when price is decided.  People often laugh about Picasso but he was the best composition expert I know.  All his artworks will gain beauty once framed.

I try to create artworks that will not be completely seen or understood with a quick glance.  This mystery contribute to the value of an artwork.  A mysterious woman is more desirable, this is the same for art.  I see something in my art and someone else will see something else.  We can talk about.  I think art created civilisation, before writting, because it is the expression of a desire to share ideas and create contacts between the persons.  Art creates emotions and teaches us about who we are, but this effect is independant of the artwork.  I often say that artworks are like children.  We give them all our love and do our best so these children become great persons.  Someday the children leave the house and their destiny is independant of us.  This is the same for art, it gains meanings that the artist cannot predict and it is correct and even wished.  My art is not made to fight for ideas or for political purposes, it is made to celebrate life and our era.

I mostly create portraits and nudes.  This is a scientifically proven fact that the vision of a beautiful woman can raise creativity by 30%.  This is how I contribute to make this world a better place !  You will find that the artwork you bought from me will be paid back very quickly just because of this effect on you !  If after a while you get tired to count your money, you can weight the bags !  If weighting the bags exhausts you because a million weight 100 pounds, stop that and start weighting artworks !  You will need a 4 inches binder to store 200 of my artworks with their certificates of authenticity. ;)

This is my official site, write me if you have questions or if you want to authentify an artwork.


Louis-Francois Alarie

(October 2015)

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  - Le mois passé, ce site a reçu plus de 10 000 visites avec un achalandage moyen de 374 visiteurs par jour. Ces visiteurs provenaient de 48 pays. Ces chiffres font un grand effet sur moi. Je reste éveillé la nuit en me demandant comment je ferais pour emballer 374 oeuvres si demain tous mes visiteurs devenaient acheteurs. J'ai fait environ 4000 oeuvr...
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Louis-François Alarie's Guestbook

Very outstanding
This is outstanding work. I am proud of it for you.
(Kristine, 26 November 2015)
So lifelike
What a great piece. So lifelike and all! I would consider buying it.
(Brent, 23 November 2015)
Hello. Great work!
I just stopped to say hello. I wanted to let you know that I really like your work.
(Tabby, 30 October 2015)
So cool
This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Keep up the great work! I love it.
(Whitley Robertson, 14 October 2015)
Loving it
This is a good work you have done. I love they way that it looks. Excellent.
(amber, 30 September 2015)
Wow! This is all I can say. You truly have some great talent here that I love.
(Emilee Anne Turns, 28 September 2015)
So life like
This is amazing. You did a great job. So lifelike!!!!
(Sally, 24 September 2015)

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