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Dana Klein Art Gallery - Dana Klein Artworks

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From Auschwitz to Darfur, an internationally traveling exhibition, opens on Oct 20th, 5pm at Antichi Forni Gallery of the Civic Museums of Macerata Italy. Please joyn us .

Brief words written for Wikipedia on Line

As my wish to bring awareness is great and as the subject of this little piece of writing is even greater, here I am, once again trying to reach out to as many people as possible. A new path for me to take, a new way to express my thoughts and feelings. I do not know how I am doing so far, as I am much better fit to describe things using brush and color than metaphorically speaking, using "pen and ink"  I am here to talk about tragedies that must never be forgotten and present disasters that should not take place in this time of ages. I am writing about madness and about indifference. I am writing about hate and racism in past and present time.I am writing about many other things, unspoken things, which, I leave up to you decide. I am writing about Auschwitz and about Africa. I am writing about "From Auschwitz to Darfur" an internationally traveling exhibition that everyone with hart and soul and some sense of decency should see. Do not turn the other way, do not close your eyes, do not walk away from my words. Instead, open your eyes wide, fill your mind with thoughts and your soul with anger and find the way to fight it all. And if you would like to get an image of what I am writing about see my stories written with brush in oil on canvas. Just search for my name on the web. Some people find me interesting enough to list it along with the manes of much more important people than unworthy me.

These words were inscribed by me, Dana Klein, a humble painter.


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 From Auschwitz to Darfur
Brief words written for Wikipedia on Line
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Klein Fine Art Studio hosts figurative and landscape work created by internationally renown painter Dana Klein. For her achivements into the art field Dana Klein was nominated Dama Of Malta of the ancient order of the Knights of Malta and Guardian of the Peace of CCC International.
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For her achivements into the art field, on May 28 2011, at Assisi Italy, Dana Klein became DAMA of MALTA and GUARDIAN of PEACE entering the prestigios and ancient order of THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA. In 2006, Dana Klein was nominated DAMA DEL SACRO ORDINE SOCIETAS JESU CHRISTI. This honer  was granted as a result of a series of spiritual works ment to bring a deeper understanding about the Jewish heritage of Christ.  SOCIETAS JESU CHRISTI was created with a Bolla Pontifica released by pope PIO II in January 1459.

Dana Klein is a professional artist. She lives between New York City and Ripe San Ginesio Italy, where she has her studio since 2001. Her solo exhibitions are on view in important public spaces through Europe, Middle East and USA. For images of 2009 - 2010  installations, as well as for a list of other one person shows, please open link: "Most Recent Installations" 

The landscapes created by this artist are unique from any point of view: technic { built oil technique}

aesthetic, color, shape. They are inspired by the Italian colors, light and countryside where she has her studio.

The figurative works are strong and disturbing. They are socially involved, based on the infinity of issues our society is faced with: war, hunger, violence, human cruelty and decay. The artist has choosen a simple technic for these paintings: figurative representation. 

"One must understand right away what is on my mind when I paint this kind of work. I want to send out a message. I am not looking for inteligentia or critics consent. Just trying to reach out to people. Things must change. It is impossible for life on this earth to continue like this. 

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Dana Klein's Guestbook


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 From Auschwitz to Darfur   Brief words written for Wikipedia on Line

Prices : 5000 Usd Min