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Vladimir Shestakov Art Gallery - Vladimir Shestakov Artworks

Vladimir Shestakov Art Gallery - Vladimir Shestakov Artworks

"Vladimir Shestakov&hellip &hellip the painter who moves apart the limits of space&hellip The paintings of Vladimir Shestakov, created under inspiration of his numerous travelling all over the world, are full of lively colours and bright impressions. Avidly imbibing an atmosphere of every trip and keeping on making new discoveries, this painter sh"

Vladimir Shestakov
Vladimir Shestakov
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Blind musician .From series jazz

Comedien. Acrylic sur toile 116x89

A chance

Corrida Night - Mixed Media

Playing With a Bull Mask

Clown with Mask

Arena Roses.

Jazz Promenade With a Clarinet

Jazz Promenade With a Trumpet

Jazz Fantasy. Golden Saxophone

A fashion show along the sea


Vladimir Shestakov…

…the painter who moves apart the limits of space…


The paintings of Vladimir Shestakov, created under inspiration of his numerous travelling all over the world, are full of lively colours and bright impressions. Avidly imbibing an atmosphere of every trip and keeping on making new discoveries, this painter shares with us in his works all the intensity and wealth of his life experience.

Creative power of Vladimir Shestakov is as profound and infinite, as the diversity of cultures that he has perceived in the course of his multiple travels and work experiences in different countries. Imperceptibly he carries us to the deep of the developments, he has gone through, and places, he has seen, reproducing in his paintings these vivid and intriguing moments of his life.

A feeling of perpetual motion, immensely lively and dynamic that runs through all the works of Vladimir Shestakov, implacably carries us away, as if it invites to make a travel and to discover the author’s idea.

The versatility and verve of canvases are achieved thanks to the unique combination by the painter of traditional drawing techniques and the most innovative methods.

A specific style of this painter, marked mainly by expressionism in the form and throwing into experiments with a symbolism and slight traces of surrealism, is profoundly expressed in his particularly free manner of painting.

The artist’s strong interest in creative travelling and in the history and culture of many countries contributed to forge him a reputation as an “itinerant painter”. This interest also led him to create so many pictorial series. REMINISCENCES OF RUSSIA, for instance, evokes Russia’s holy places.

Retracing Rakhmaninov’s steps is dedicated to the musician’s fate, life, and creative work. As for the series of paintings entitled WIND RUSH, they do not suggest a dream but a reminiscence of the future….One sometimes has the feeling that one is able to perceive emotionally what one has never seen before. According to these fantastic wanderings, and as through a mirror,

Time is reflected, before and after, on the path to Eternity.

The creative work of V. Shestakov is profoundly marked by an intense feeling of communion with nature, added to a strong pain and a sensitivity that make of his work a hymn to nature and life, a highly expressive work.


The collection of canvases called MOVEMENT integrates some of the painter’s ancient discoveries to the fruit of his recent search on the transformation of forms in movement, a movement made of light and colour to turn abstract vision into the flesh of life.

MOVEMENT is the clarification of the content, an attempt to blend harmoniously   the formality of art with the reality of human existence. It represents a new outlook, a renewal. The painter’s new project AROUND THE MUSIC is a natural synthesis within his creative work. It intends to associate a visual series of canvases devoted to music to their representation in the atmosphere of a musical evening. The aim of the exhibition of these paintings is the harmonious union of sound and colour. The sight of the rhythms of movement, gesture and line.


  Artistic projects suppose the continued exploration of other kinds of art such as video and installations, and creating the works of painting, graphic art and poster.


Thus “Jazz fantasy” and “Theatre of Masks”, the painter’s new project is a  scene opened for explorations in the sphere of the synthesis of arts ,it is a search of style and of diversity of technical devices.

 «In “The Voice of Masks” Clade Lévi-Strauss raises a point of the

identity of mask, of its significance and of its correlation between the myth and the aestheticism. 
And the similar search is undertaken by Vladimir Shestakov with this series of masks. Venetian masks, those of the Comedia dell Arte, African and Japanese masks, mask to laugh, to dissimulate...the choice of mask is never  innocent.» / Press release of the EXHIBITION, EZE-VILLAGE. France /

     Today his works attract considerable interest among art connoisseurs from different countries:

USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Russia and others.


In the  ARTisSPECTRUM  Magazine (the Chelsea Perspective, New York), there was written the following  concerning the works exhibited at the Agora-Gallery ( Contemporary Art Gallery, New York): « The stunning paintings of Vladimir Shestakov are even more spectacular and vibrant than the sum of their component parts, which include a mix Fauvist hues, Expressionistic brushstrokes, Cubist perspectives and Symbolist subjects. Trained in his native Russia, he now splits his time between St. Petersburg, artistic and intellectual Paris, and the South of France, and the brilliant Mediterranean sun exerts an unmistakable influence on his aesthetic. Each canvas spills over with bold, saturated colors that evoke the neon colors of graffiti and the sumptuous patterns of carnival costumes... »
           The basis of artistic conception and of life is MOVEMENT-participation in  different projects, exhibitions, search of contacts and cultural exchange.       



Vladimir Shestakov is renowned for his various exhibitions both 
in Russia and elsewhere.
Today his works attract considerable interest among art connoisseurs 
in many countries.
(France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, USA, Russia).


  Saint-Petersburg, Exhibition dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Christianism in Russia

  Center of Visual Arts of Alaska, Posters, around the subject of Ecology

  Mexico, Poster Biennale, International exhibition (Mexico, Mexico-City, Exhibition of the Artists of Saint-Petersburg)

  Belgium, Paul Delvaux Picture-Gallery, Wepion 
  Mexico, Mexico-City, Exhibition of the Artists from Saint- Petersburg. 
  Belgium,Harscamp Picture-Gallery, Namur 
  Belgium, Et pour l’Art Gallery, Lustin 
  Belgium, Forest Abbey, participation in ART EAST 
  Belgium, Nid d’Algie Picture-Gallery, Profondeville 
  Belgium, Ronchinne Castle, Province of Namur

  Belgium, Paul Delvaux Picture-Gallery, Wepion 
  Belgium, International Academy of Art, Ciney 
  Belgium, Pouchkin Center, Antwerpen 
  Belgium, Brussels International Trade Mart, 
  Brussels — Buro & Design Center.

  Belgium, Les Chiroux Cultural Center, Liege 
  Belgium, Paul Delvaux Picture-Gallery, Wepion

  France. Exhibition 1996: France. Montmartre in Europe-96. Paris, France. "CAP’ART" Picture-Gallery, Quintin.

  France. Cultural Center. Bandol.

  Russia. S. Rachmaninoff’s Museum, Ivanovka. Exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the composer.

  France "Around Louis Guilloux «, CAP’ART 
  France. „French-Russian Commercial Chamber“, Paris 
  Belgium. Les Chiroux Cultural Center, Liege. 
  France. Exhibition „Eleven Russian Artists in the 20th district“. Paris. 
  France. Serguei Rachmaninoff Russian Conservatory of Paris. 
  Exhibition "Retracing Rachmaninoff’s steps». Paris 
France." La Paillette "House of Youth and Culture. Rennes. Exhibition on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of writer Louis Guilloux.

  France. Banque Populaire de Lorraine, Thionville.

  France. Exhibition «WIND RUSH». Paris. 
  Germany. Exhibition «REMINISCENCES OF RUSSIA». Oldenburg. 
  France. Permanent exhibition «Galerie art 3000». Saint Paul. 
  France. Exhibition «Diversity of Contemporary Art», Paris.

  France. Clairefontaine Mayor- House. Exhibition «Retracing Rakhmaninov’s steps». 
  France. Town of Nice Mayor-House. Exhibition «Movement».

  France. Painting and Sculpture Academy of Nice and Riviera ’PRESTIGE OF ART -PRESTIGE OF EUROPE 
  France. Coursegoules Mayor-House. 
  Italy. «Mentana» Picture-gallery. Florence. 
  France. LE TOIT DE GRANDE ARCHE. Paris. Exhibition «Movement».

  Russia. Saint-Petersburg Artists Association Exhibition Center, International Stella Gallery «Art et Actualite», 
  Paris. Exhibition «Meeting point. Paris-Saint-Petersburg».
  France. Nancy. Musical parties in Lorraine. Exhibition «Round the music».   Russia. Saint-Petersburg. «The Second Independent International Biennial of Graphic».

  International Stella Gallery „Art et Actualite“, Paris. Exhibition «Round the music».

  France. VILLAGE SAINT-HONORE «ESPACE EPOPEA» Paris, Permanent exhibition.
  France. «GALERIE BAGNOREA», Annecy

  France. SAINTE-GENEVIEVE-DES-BOIS. 61st artists’ modern art presentation of HUREPOIX.



                     16,RUE DROITE-VIEILLE VILLE  DE NICE



       2009 : France. Nice-Expo la foire international

                  Russie. MOSKOW  Exhibition           

                  Russie. Saint Petersburg Artists Association Exhibition Center

                  France. Exhibition Center - EZE VILLAGE

                  France. Salon Franchement Art, Citadelle - Villefranch-Sur-Mer



                   France. 21-eme AIGLE DE NICE INTERNATIONAL

 2010  : France. Nice-Expo la foire international
            France LES 1-ER LAUREATS DU 21 –EME 

            New York     
            Agora Gallery

           530 West 25th Street, Chelsea New York

2011 : MONACO



            Centre d'art rhodanien Saint-Maur

          France. Permanent exhibition «Galerie art Passion». Saint Paul



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