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Ruiz Jacques Art Gallery - Ruiz Jacques Artworks

Ruiz Jacques Art Gallery - Ruiz Jacques Artworks

Ruiz Jacques
Ruiz Jacques
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Bordeaux monument for girondins

The paris garden of luxembourg

On spring up in Provence La france

dream about Spring

Over from Water edge from marl

the Paris

Bordeaux Bridge Stone and Saint-Michel

Over from Water

ambient harbor sun setting

Montmartre street of Mont-Cenis

Montmartre intelligent rabbit

montmartre rue tholozé a snowy day

north there were the corons

nice intimate bay of angels

majolan water lilies


Over from Water

Montmartre red mill

Over from Water

The perfume of pinks

An evening at Antibes

Montmartre the moulin de la galette

  - BIOGRAPHIE Tel: 0681312765 et 0954444465 Ruiz Jacques peintre Français né le 08 juillet 1951 à Blida Algérie , il passe son enfance dans ce merveilleux pays où le soleil et les contrastes des couleurs resteront toujours gravés en lui . Suite aux événements il quitte l'Afrique du nord pour regagner la France . C'est Bordeaux qui l'accueille avec sa ...
[Biography - Ruiz Jacques - 14Ko - 2018]

Ruiz Jacques's Guestbook

Beautiful artwork
i really liked the colors! The style is really attractive and the nature is great!
(Michelle, 21 February 2019)
Like your painting!
The colors you used in your painting are amazing! It passes the winter mood greatly!
(Jane, 17 January 2019)
une belle énergie dans votre toiles!!!))))
(Coralie, 9 June 2016)
This is amazing work. you should be proud of yourself.
(Cher, 16 February 2016)
What a great piece. You should be proud of yourself.
(John, 8 February 2016)
Love the texture
I love the texture of this. What a great piece of art.
(Emilee Swanson, 25 January 2016)
Very springy
This makes me think of spring. I think you have done a good job.
(Nate P, 17 January 2016)
Great at what you do
You are great at what you do. Keep up the good work.
(Laya, 15 January 2016)
Austin here
Hello I am Austin. My first time on here and I see this. Great work!
(Austin, 13 January 2016)
This brings me much happiness. I love what you have done with it.
(Dusty, 10 January 2016)
I need to find the house of happiness. Very cool name.
(Carmi, 7 January 2016)
Wonderful to see
This is so wonderful to see. I love what you did with it.
(Sallie, 6 January 2016)
Make me want to fish
This makes me want to go fishing right now.
(Bennie, 12 December 2015)
Simply gorgeous
This is simply gorgeous. I love the color combos you have picked out.
(Ainsley, 11 December 2015)
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you? I am impressed with your work here! Thanks for sharing it.
(Joe, 8 December 2015)
Like it
I really and truly love the work you have done on this. Looks excellent.
(Helena, 9 October 2015)
Over Water!
This is a great painting. I love to sail and this reminds me of it.
(Henry, 4 October 2015)
"Bordeaux park" Ruiz Jacques
I would love to purchase this painting. Reminds me of Charles Bridge, my vacation from last year. I had such a great time there and it was beautiful that this piece would take me back there each and every time I looked at it.
(Farrah, 25 September 2015)
This reminds me of a winter I spent in Russia. Great looking. I would consider buying it.
(Halley, 24 September 2015)
You have painting endless summer! Feels like this painting full with summer warm, sweet music of sea.../...

(Angelina, 11 September 2014)