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Patxi Garrido Art Gallery - Patxi Garrido Artworks

Patxi Garrido Art Gallery - Patxi Garrido Artworks


black and withe Madison
The plastic eye ~ 3
the snake
the snake
Supermassive black hole Collage
Collage 2
five spirals
in the land of the stars
Hands of the Humans
black heart
bereavement hexagram
blue skulls
shadows over the ghost of the cave
the eagle blue
the sad alien of steel
Eiffel Tower
In the eden
In The Hell
Patxi Garridorevistia
Notre Dam
~ڿڰ Լ ƠƔЄ universe of sand
wonderful horizont
gothic city
Network phoenix
The Kruz
My beautiful Dragonfly
hand over the city in the sky
Green world
spiral staircase

Patxi Garrido's Guestbook

Love what you have done here
I love what you have done here. This piece is great, truly grand.
(Jill Tagger, 10 February 2016)
The Snake
Great piece of work. I love the Snake!
(Patti, 30 December 2015)
Simple but cool
This is a simple design but very cool. I like it.
(Amiee, 13 November 2015)
Amazing heart
This is an amazing heart. I love how it turned out.
(Emelia, 9 November 2015)
Great feel
This work has a really great feel to it. I like what you have done with it. Good luck to you in the future.
(Hank, 12 October 2015)
Hello my name is Paul. I just wanted to let you know that I think that your artwork is very nice! Simply yet to the point.
(Paul Jenkings, 22 September 2015)
Art museums, or commercial art?
(Patxi Garrido, 8 September 2015)
Art for sale? or, for exposing art?

(Patxi Garrido, 21 July 2015)
art, phoiography, autor

(Patxi Garrido, 8 February 2015)

Artworks Topics : Abstraction Symbolic - Animals - Contempory