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Jean-Paul Golinvaux Art Gallery - Jean-Paul Golinvaux Artworks

Jean-Paul Golinvaux Art Gallery - Jean-Paul Golinvaux Artworks

"; En Anglais : ; ; Redu, village of the book. Nested in Ardenne deep and bordered of majestic forests of spruces, oaks and beeches that the autumn explodes colors chatoyantes. It is there that I was born one day of April 41 and it is in this universe with the sometimes heavy and dark ciels but also and often blue azure which I grew ; ; My father, t"


flowers that
Field of Poppies
Poppies in
L'arbre by the river side .
in the hedgerow
some poppies
The sheds at Tobacco
The small Fays
them in fens
a street place in out the Luberon
walk in The fens
there holocaust
Petit-Fays : town .
The house at lesse
House in The Poppies in
them in dunes in
The lesse in autumn
Two umbrellas
The towpath ( GIVET )
out the Farmhouse in Provence place in out the fild from Sunflowers
The bridge on the Lesse
the Silent
pot with flowers that
house the mill at The Bubles
The Daughters up and there Sea in
Post l'éruption volcanic
the semois to mortehan
out the decor
sunfall at there coast Belgian
conversation in les fens
house for molhan ( Redu )


En Anglais :


Redu, village of the book.  Nested in Ardenne deep and bordered of majestic forests of spruces, oaks and beeches that the autumn explodes colors chatoyantes.  It is there that I was born one day of April 41 and it is in this universe with the sometimes heavy and dark ciels but also and often blue azure which I grew


My father, traditional musician gave me the taste of the beautiful music (Baroque and Romantic) and under its cane, I learned the technique from the keyboard which I always practise.  I like also much the black blues and the Arab monotonous chants. 


My childhood also proceeded under the tinkling of these large clocks comtoises manufactured with 18th and 19th S in Franche-Comté.  With the wine and cheeses it is one of the most beautiful images than France transmitted to us of his know-how.  At present, I am always surrounded by these beautiful clocks which enchant my days.  That it was the pictorial environment of my childhood which I never forgot but that I have to leave one day in order to continue a career in the banking environment. 


Until 2000, I had never practised the art of the oil-base paint.  It is a box filled up of tubes of colors and offered by my colleagues at the time of my departure which guided me in this way.  From now on, I carry out my dreams of child and I try to retranscribe the memories of them.  Autodidact, I paint according to my directions and my visions.  If I am with the listening of good councils, I am allergic to any teaching which would dictate to me a way traced according to well defined rules'.  In oil-base paint, only one criterion is of setting:  to paint fatty on thin.  And for the technique PRIMA Went which I practise, I do not even comply with this gold rule since it does not have its raison d'être.  Moreover the way of making is specific to each artist;  the knife, the brush, the rag, fingers etc... qu' import if the result is convincing. 


If I have a particular attraction for the impressionists, I am also allured by other styles of paintings.  As of the moment when the table attracts my glance, it is that it challenges me some share and invites me to decipher its language of it.  My philosophy:  the desire not to more copy servilely what I see but to restore the vision in purified and audited forms of it so that there remains about it only essence.  That the landscape that I paint is always this landscape but in a vague context without forms well defined in the limit of the figurative abstraction.  I considére that the painter is before a whole colorist and that it must be able to represent something of credible with spots of colors.  But in what relates to me, this way of making is not easy matter to achieve.  If I can take up this challenge, I estimate that I will have succeeded. 


In conclusion, I do not dissociate the painting of the music and the comtoises.  These three things are inseparable for me and form a whole.


I invite you to traverse my site and if you test a blow of heart for a table, it would be pleasant for me that by a message you say it to me in my gold book. 


My principal exposures. 


Ruette Aoùt 2002

Haillot expo November 2002

Town hall Andenne December 2002

Restaurant "the countryside" Redu November 2002 at January

Library Andenne January, February 2003

Restaurant "the bakehouse" Redu April, June 2003

Biennial of the culture Andenne June 2003

he gold valley Ohey June, July 2003

Exposures artistic of Crupet November 2003

Haillot expo 2003 November 2003...

Walked of Noêl December 2003

Contemporary art MOS' ART Yvoir May 2004


In May 2004, I took part in the contest of the European academy of arts in Gembloux where I was rewarded by an international money medal.

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Artworks Media : Canvas Of Flax - Oil - Painting On Canvas - Wooden