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Inna Skidan Art Gallery - Inna Skidan Artworks

Inna Skidan Art Gallery - Inna Skidan Artworks

"About Inna Skidan Inna Skidan was born in Ukraine. She now lives in the United States. The move has understandably affected her painting, mostly by bringing out the culture of the country where she was born, which she brought with her. Her works are full of intense light. This is characteristic of Ukrainian culture. Constant experiments can be seen"

Inna Skidan
Inna Skidan
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no title

Family Portrait

Cobalt illusion

High note Until


Homeward Bound

flower arrangement with three vases

embryo of love

unrequited dfmp love

top friends девушек-бриллианты

Sacred cow

Hunting on manatee

strange nap

talking with a friend

toy for small ANGEL

Apple Eva

First love or to like a adam married on eve

Tree of Life

happy adam in a beautiful garden

smoking woman shyun

girl with oranges

vodka with pepper and By Flowers

no title


shadows of forgotten ancestors 2


About Inna Skidan



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  - Живая душа в живописи Страница Inna Skidan
Я люблю цвет, поэтому мои работы разговаривают цветовой гаммой, моей живописи свойственна декоративность, это тоже способ восприятия мира....
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Inna Skidan's Guestbook

you are talant!
i am in love with your paintings, so soulful...
(Johnny, 15 January 2016)
Powerful piece
WOW! What a powerful piece. I mean it. Looks amazing.
(Angie S., 10 January 2016)
Pleasant looking
This is so pleasant looking. You have done a great job.
(Lexi, 23 December 2015)
Jessi here
Hello I am Jessi. I just wanted to say that I think this is excellent work.
(Jessi, 22 December 2015)
"a conversation with a friend"
This is a wonderful piece. Makes me happy.
(Annie, 20 December 2015)
Lovely work. You have outdone yourself.
(Nellie, 11 December 2015)