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Denis Beaudet Art Gallery - Denis Beaudet Artworks

Denis Beaudet Art Gallery - Denis Beaudet Artworks

Denis Beaudet
Denis Beaudet

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Fine art by Denis Beaudet Oeuvres de Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet Denis Beaudet

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The curious

the air Organic

Y’avait an old into the lower river

beauce and his steeples

The break

thou thee rise early

'' Quebec 1931''

''De L'eau has the Vapeur''

''En road to Ste-Adèle ''

The golden age of the steam loco


One day I ll have a



échaper beautiful


Old Mechanics


moon light seranete

piano man

old chevy never die

Summer in the great outdoors


Or the train passed

open the way

  - Denis Beaudet est un artiste qui s'inspire de l'histoire de nos ancêtres, il raconte à travers ses tableaux les efforts qu'on dû déployer ces personnes jour après jour ne serait-ce que pour se déplacer de village en village. Les valeurs de la terre et du travail accompli sont importantes pour lui. Ces fermiers qui avec leurs fidèles compagnons »les...
[Biography - Denis Beaudet - 2Ko - 2018]

Denis Beaudet's Guestbook

My friend would love this
My friend Austin would love this. He loves trains.
(Evie, 6 January 2016)
Nice painting
HI! Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. This car looks fantastic. You are so blessed to have this talent.
(Rosemary, 11 October 2015)
Gorgeous car
Hello. I just wanted to say that you have made a gorgeous car on your work. Keep up the great work.
(Carloff, 7 October 2015)