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Abellalisa Artist Art Gallery - Abellalisa Artist Artworks

Abellalisa Artist Art Gallery - Abellalisa Artist Artworks

"Artist's Biography: I was born and educated in Los Angeles, Hollywood, California. Twenty years in San Francisco, and sixteen years in Michigan. I love nature. From the Los Angeles smog pits to the rural mid-west, imagine that. Self-taught, and have studied with other professional artists. The practice of my art has evolved from the spirit, inherit"

Abellalisa Artist
Abellalisa Artist
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Added March 28 2007
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Flower Paintings by Lisabelle "1 Fish 2 Fish"

Flower Paintings by Lisabelle "MAGENTA"

Landscape Painting by Lisabelle "Farm Sunrise the Sky"

Landscape Painting by Lisabelle "Farm Sunrise"

Landscape Painting by Lisabelle "Love Pond"

Landscape Painting Ladies in The Pond

Wildlife Landscape Spicer Dr.

Romantic Boat River Sunset Painting

Stony Lake oil Landscape

Train Farmfield

San Francisco I Love You

Bison of Golden Gate Park