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Artwork >> Martijn Limburg >> Contraversities a la Plage

Artwork >> Martijn Limburg >> Contraversities a la Plage

"Contraversities a la Plage"
Martijn Limburg
Arcilic on Canvas
Contraversities a la Plage, Venlo, 25 August 2019
This painting depicts the widening gap between rich and poor and those who are confronted with it and not daily. On a beach close to Calais,- if you look closely you can see the chalk cliffs of England-, are two couples, rather mundane looking young, enjoying themselves. Everything shows that they don't seem to care. While the ladies have opened some bottles of wine, their men are surfing and paddling in their expensive boxer shorts. They are urged to come out of water by means of the 'wineglass lifting' sign known in those circles. They completely ignore the fact that something to the right of the painting, which has now become the right part of a diptych, is taking place ... A group of 'yellow jackets' here called the Gilets Jaune organization is burning a windmill . Apparently pulled out of the wind farm by force, which can barely be seen in the background. The indifference, of the undoubtedly well-to-do youngsters, who do not understand anything and perhaps do not even know what the struggling for existence of, rather radical-acting group of people with a yellow jacket are on, clearly shows that there are many ignorance and incomprehension exists. Due to the constantly higher (environmental) taxes in France, among other things, but waiting for the rest of the EU as well, life becomes unaffordable for a large group of people. A small self-employed person who simply has to drive many kilometers with his car to transport his merchandise to the often remote markets, sees his income fall sharply due to the enormous gasoline excise duties. Protect the environment ok
but it must be affordable and thought out. Many do not understand much of the ecological aspects of CO2 emissions at all, but they unquestionably follow the path taken by all kinds of environmental measures that should save the earth. A bit of panic football and in most cases taken over by the media and politics without knowledge. I would like to say to the beautiful people on the left-hand side of the asymmetrical diptych painting: Immerse yourself in the material and do not feel too great yourself because you are now driving in an environmentally-friendly Tesla. On the radicals on the right: Stop demonstrating and start planting trees that extract CO2 from the air and turn it into wood and oxygen. Then the heating goes out of the air and hopefully from the minds of the policymakers, and life becomes affordable again for you too. Through cooperation of all parties, and through the deployment of our intelligent youth, who will only take feasible measures that are based on facts from science and on the basis of economics, it will all be well not just with the earth,- it will not just be lost at all-, but also with the people who live on it …
This now diptych has been donated to one of our former cooking studio employees, because she has not only done good work for about 7 years, but also because she likes cheerful paintings that contain a story. With this, XX MM

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ICE Queen
Ice Queen is an epic piece. I loved it.
(Karie, 2 February 2016)
Thumbs up
Thumbs up to you on this. Great idea to paint. I think you have done an excellent job.
(Cherry, 10 January 2016)
Ice Queen
Ice Queen is a great piece of work. You have done great on it.
(Nicci, 28 December 2015)
Love this. Wonderful work.
(Jess, 25 November 2015)
Awesome and amazing
This is awesome and amazing work. You can really do some great art.
(Dean, 22 November 2015)
Amazing and great
Great work. Amazing work. Great job.
(Jada, 20 November 2015)
This is such groovy work. I really dig it.
(Bella, 30 October 2015)
Beautiful work
Beautiful work. I am very proud of what you have done.
(Susan Grant, 13 October 2015)
goede tip
Wat een professionele site, wow. Ik zal je van de week een paar foto's sturen met afbeeldingen van mijn schilderijen. Zeer interessant werk van jouw. Heeft wat weg van degas en matisse in begin periode. groet arnold
(arnold van der meij, 21 May 2006)
Heej Martijn, we hebben je site gezien en het ziet er mooi uit! Je hebt het in de vingers. Ga zo door, dan kun je nog eens een expositie houden. Gr Lenie en Corné...
(Lenie en Corné, 14 April 2006)
La bella Toscana
Ha Martijn, Het ziet er fantastisch uit!! Vooral La bella Toscana. Ik geloof dat we toch nog iets van je kunnen leren!! Groetjes Wendy (van de cursus)!!
(Wendy, 23 March 2006)
danse de Ans
Martijn, Dit werk is prachtig geworden. Compliment! Groetjes Truce
(Truce van de Vorle, 17 March 2006)

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